April 2021 – A Poetry Collection

This page will be used to capture a poem a day for National Poetry Month – April 2021. Enjoy!


The Final Bow

Everyone has darkness that they must overcome.

Depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, or anger.

Seek inside yourself the goodness you have

and find ways to move through darkness.

No one else can do it for you.

When dealing with others faced with darkness,

quiet the accusations, open your ears and heart.

Be honest, but be their light, so that they may see.

Darkness cannot drown out darkness.

Hope for them they can find their way.

Darkness cannot defeat the light, no matter how hard it may try,

but light can be seen through the dark, and help us find our way.

April 30, 2021~DRM~


Flutters of the butterfly, gentle and soft,

Bouncing from flower to flower in our garden.

The buzz of bees visiting from the apiary

seeking out pollen to make sweet honey.

Spring is abound, blossoms in full bloom,

dew clings to the leaves, and the newness fills the air.


April 29, 2021~DRM~


Grins help me find some happiness.

Reality, I am where I need to be.

Adventure awaits to refill my soul.

Tribbles and purrs come from my fur-babies.

Exciting challenges lay ahead at work.

Friendships remain dear.

Upbeat music plays all around.

Love fills my heart.

April 28, 2021~DRM~


Gloom hangs in the air this dawn.

Joy and lightness are missing.

The trees are dark, lining the lake,

their reflections in the water even darker.

The sun finally breaks through in the distance behind.

Its rays highlight clouds in a warm coral pink hue.

The birds begin to soar, and

the heaviness starts to lift.

April 27, 2021~DRM~

Earl Grey Creme

My Wedgewood cup warms my hands.

The cream and brown sugar swirls around.

The citrus and lavender scent fills my senses.

I gently place the cup to my lips and enjoy a luscious sip.

Earl Grey Creme melts my stress away after another long day.

April 26, 2021~DRM~

Watery Retreat

Shimmering water under the lights.

Lanes clearly marked. Flags draped across.

A quiet calm fills the air. Ripples form as I step in.

A refreshing chill travels up my legs. The water envelops me.

I dunk my head and silence takes over.

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

Voices in my mind drown as I start to swim.

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

My shoulders and back loosen up.

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

Stress melts away as I relax.

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

Calmness floats over me.

Touch, Flip, Switch Stroke.

Concentration returns to my form.

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

Arms propel me through the water.

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

Legs and feet work together, pushing me further.

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke, Breathe.

Multi-color flags warn me of the upcoming wall.

Stroke, Stroke, Touch.

The cycle begins again.

April 25, 2021~DRM~

Crystal Clear

Crystal clear, the view is now. The head was playing tricks.

Crystal clear, the tears are now. Falling down swollen cheeks.

Crystal clear, the past is now. Memories are where they belong.

Crystal clear, the present is now. Without you, life goes on.

Crystal clear, the path is now. Only going forward, no more going back.

April 24, 2021~DRM~

Sport Mode

Glasses, on.

Seatbelt, strapped.

Engine, revving.

Waiting for the light to turn green.

Sport mode, engaged.

Ready, Set,


Flipping through the gears,

20, 40, 60, more.

How fast can she go?

Thrown back in the seat.

Breathing heavy.

How long can I push it,

before I chicken out,

settling for a few over the speed limit?

April 23, 2021~DRM~

Snowy Thoughts

Moonlight streams down through the clouds and the beams bounce across the ripples in the lake.

The quiet coo of a final dove settling in echoes through the night air.

She reclines in her adirondack as the cooled air settles in after a balmy Florida day.

The flames from the firepit warm her naked toes as she looks across the water.

She wraps her arms across her chest, her hands rubbing her arms to keep her warm.

She imagines what it would be like to be up north where the snow is still falling and the air is colder.

Bundled up by a raging fire and watching snowflakes drift down silently through the window.

Curled up and playing games or watching old movies as drifts build outside the door.

She wonders if she’ll make it there one day to enjoy it all.

April 22, 2021 ~DRM~

My Little Cutie

The softest purrs come from my princess,

curled up against my leg, her head on my knee.

She is half awake, refusing to fall asleep.

Cuddled up tight and cute as can be.

April 21, 2021~DRM~

Happy Place

The wooden bridge creaks under my sandaled feet.

Weathered and aged, I remember when it was new.

I step out of my sandals and onto the sand,

walking towards the turquoise waters.

Sea grasses and sea oats line the path of pure white,

as if it were a passageway to another world.

A gentle breeze lifts up dragonflies flying in the wind.

The air is salty on my lips, the sand is soft powder on my feet.

I dip my toes into the gently lapping waves.

It transports me to a place of calm; I finally start to breathe.

April 20, 2021~DRM~


The cold steel hilt fits perfectly in her hand.

Its curved cross-guard forms

gracefully around her grip

as if it were made specifically for her.

The hilt holds a moonstone on the pommel,

surrounded by rubies and aquamarines.

The etchings in the grip gleem against grey steel,

swirls upon swirls, a thing of beauty, with

symbols she does not understand.

She is drawn to it all the same.

April 19, 2021 ~DRM~

Sunny Natured

Yellow flames fly out from her center

reaching towards the blue sky above.

Gently she sways in the warm spring winds

without a care in the world.

She dances with her friends in the field,

nourishing the bees and lady bugs alike.

She grows in the sun all the days long,

until she grows heavy with seeds,

and takes her final bow.

April 18, 2021 ~DRM~


Pounding, pounding, never ending.

Every dim light stabs, sharply, through.

Even sounds of joy strike terror.

Only thing to do… find a dark, quiet corner.

Hide away until the torture passes.

April 17, 2021 ~DRM~

Survival of the Keen

Streaking light illuminates the night, revealing clouds in the sky.

The world tilts sideways and the stars spin above.

The ground shakes, water sloshes in my cup.

Uneasiness underfoot as the earth

gives way, swallowing me up.

Landing in a cavern filling with mud

in the distance, another thud.

Clawing our way out from the muck,

the sky above collapses, the cavern goes dark.

The world outside ends, but we are still alive.

If only we can find each other, we might survive.

April 16, 2021~DRM~


Her flaxen hair is now platinum,

her hazel blue eyes sometimes are grey.

She loves butterflies and flowers

and would play in her garden all day.

Her smile hides her sadness,

for she misses her true love.

He left this earth years ago,

but watches her from above.

She raised her daughter

to be strong but soft.

She’s so proud of her girl,

more often than not.

Another trip our the world she did make.

One more candle now sits on her cake.

April 15, 2021~DRM~

Mountain Dunes

Neverending dunes of cocoa colored sand stretches on.

Snow capped mountains peek from behind.

The blazing sun pours down, distorting the distance.

Her grassy green silks float in the hot winds.

She reaches to the sky for just a single drink.

Drowning in heat, and no water to have,

she succumbs and withers to ashen gray.

April 14, 2021 ~DRM~

Sandhill Crane

Its prehistoric call fills the air,

as it flutters to the lane.

Its head covered in a red flare,

So stands the gorgeous Sandhill Crane.

April 13, 2021~DRM~

Light After the Rain

Gods and angels fight in the heavens.

Thunder crashes and lightning flashes.

Dominance over their dominion hangs in the balance.

The earth below soaks up the rain.

Fields of green flourish and dry river beds fill.

The parched desert breaths a sigh of relief from its aridness.

The sun above pierces the darkness above,

blinding the gods and angels of their sight.

They pause their fight, allowing the rays to break through.

Slowly they refocus to see the beauty below, and

find the peace needed for their souls.

April 12, 2021 ~DRM~

The Old Man in the Tree

He slumbers all day, deep inside his tree.

As the sun sets, he opens his eyes to watch as people stroll by.

Most do not see him, and this makes him sad.

How can you just walk by without saying “Hi!” he wonders to himself.

But innocent children and creative minds will stop and smile.

When they do, he reveals himself in a most beautiful way.

A shudder of leaves and a joyful smile grows across his face, for he knows he is appreciated.

Reposted for April 11, 2021 ~DRM~


Empty echoes of hollowness abound.

Lost in the abyss of nothingness.

Where once life flourished, nothing remained.

Not even remnants of the dead.

The windswept gorge was barren.

Only signs of erosion by the wind and water.

But for one small flower growing in a crevice,

where the rain catches and the sunlight is perfect.

April 10, 2021~DRM~

Dreams of Meadows

She finds her way to Big Meadow, the climb steep and littered with rocks,

crossing a wooden footbridge over a stream, edged with tall grasses.

Beyond the grass clumps, a green field stretches out.

Wild flowers add splashes of yellows, whites, pinks and blues.

She continues her walk in the sun; the sky brilliant blue with white puffs,

Her boots fling up a bit of mud from the morning dew onto her legs.

She laughs. Nature can be nice and naughty all at the same time.

She breathes in the calmness and soaks in the beauty.

She steps off the trail where the grass looks dry, lays down in the field of flowers

and lets her thoughts float away like the clouds in the sky.

April 9, 2021 ~DRM~

Meditation in the Flame

The flickering flame dimly lights the room.

It’s fireside aroma scares off the gloom.

The fire mesmerizes her mind at the end of a long day,

clearing the clutter, the voices and stress.

A quiet breath in and a gentle exhale,

releasing the tightness in her shoulders and neck.

The wick crackles as the fire burns down,

the only sound breaking the silence in the room.

Slowly she stands and walks to the candle.

With a swift blow, the flame goes out.

There is light no more. Darkness and dreams follow.

April 8, 2021 ~DRM~

Abandoned Memories

The garage stood vacant all these years.

Creaking and groaning escaped the stairs

as they climbed up to the side door.

Inside, the building was musty and damp.

Kudzu and vines grew through the cracks.

The first floor had an oil stained concrete floor

where Granddad’s old car had sat for years.

They found the staircase to the second floor.

A tread here and there missing,

forcing them to take lengthy strides to reach the top.

Wood paneled walls surrounded the second floor.

The old billiard table lost its footing, leaning haphazardly.

The joists, spongy and the floor planks sagged.

It wasn’t safe to stand any more, so it had to go.

They took a final look around and said goodbyes.

Tomorrow, our playhouse would be gone.

April 7, 2021 ~DRM~

Appalachia is Calling

Appalachia is calling.

Come play in my streams and hike my trails,

Explore my mountains and discover my waterfalls.

Appalachia is calling.

Listen to the music on the wind, breathe in the fresh air.

Hear the birds, smell the flowers, and see the wildlife abound.

Appalachia is calling.

Take the backroads to new adventures.

Escape your every day, in every way.

Appalachia is calling.

April 6, 2021 ~DRM~

Music to My Ears

80s music fills the house.

Wham!, Annie Lenox, Def Leppard,

Whitney Houston, the list goes on.

Laughter floats through the halls.

Everyone is getting along.

I know things are okay.

Pour Some Sugar on Me starts to play.

While mixing up the chicken salad,

my feet start moving.

Levity and singing proceeds.

My family thinks I have lost my mind.

Not really.

They are just happy to see me smile.

April 5, 2021~DRM~


Calmness, come soothe my mind.

Peace, I beg you to return.

Chaos has run its course,

And now emptiness settles in.

Help me find the great in good,

And release the negative.

Knowing that moving forward

is all I can do should be a reward,

not a sentence to eternal sadness.

When will I learn?

April 4, 2021 ~DRM~

Blushing Beauty

Wound up tight, overlapping waves of soft pink.

Slowly she unfolds. Her petals expand and lighten.

Soon, they turn white with just a touch of blush.

A sweet fragrance fills the air as bees float nearby.

A bee lands on her and dances his way to her very core.

The petals open further, revealing her bounty.

The bee dances more and gathers as much as he can.

His legs are golden, covered in her sweetness.

At the end of his beautiful dance, he shows himself out.

She fully blossoms for all to see.

April 3, 2021~DRM~

Too Early

Tea in my cup,

Come wake me up.

Don’t look at me that way.

Here’s your ball, let’s play,

You cute little pup.

April 2, 2021 ~DRM~

Fools in Love

The sweet smell of plumeria drifts from the flower behind her ear.

Her eyes softly flutter as the sunset lights up her face.

She tilts her head, her lips glisten, her dress floats in the breeze.

His hand rests on her waist as he kisses her.

Crazy for each other, fools in love.

They laugh and smile, wondering why it took so long.

April 1st, 2021 ~DRM~

Thank You!

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who has read and liked my poetry and various posts this April. I also appreciate the kind comments made.

There have been days I searched for inspiration, and others where it came easily. I enjoyed every moment through this journey and appreciate having this platform to share. If you participated as well, I hope you unleashed unfathomable amounts of creativity on your side.

The frequency of my posts will likely slow down in the coming weeks — work demands, which pays the bills, and other obligations are expected to take more of my time. Why is it we sacrifice our creative outlets when other demands increase? However, I hope you’ll continue to check in and enjoy what comes out of this brain in the future. Who knows what I will come up with!

For those creators out there, keep writing, keep creating, keep dreaming…the possibilities are endless.