A Journey into Creativity

Destination – Part 1

She pulled up to his place, nervous, with a small bag in hand. She’d never taken over control before, but she had it all carefully planned. She climbed up the steps and knocked on his door. He was expecting her at least. He answered, still dressed in pajama pants and no shirt. She let out […]

True Love

When looks fade away, And bodies age and change, When hair grays and disappears, But the light in your eyes remains, The mind loses memories and details, But souls are forever entwined, That is true love.

Fall Like Conditions

A cool breeze tousled her short brown hair. A smile came across her face like the fresh air from the change of scenery. Soon, fall would arrive. It was her favorite season. She had escaped the sweltering heat of summer for this break, knowing it would only last a week, and then it would be […]

One of Those Days

Disheveled. Her shirt soaked through From a Sprite Zero shower at lunch, fizz went everywhere. Her glasses, precariously perched atop her messed up hair. From her left big toe, her shoe dangled Moving as she shook her foot. The right foot firmly on the ground, bare, That shoe rolled over, upside down but close by. […]


Ever get that feeling that nothing is flowing, nothing can come out of your mind? All creativity is trapped in your brain and the only bits that come out do not make much sense? I thought it was all because I was exhausted, working too much at my paying job over the past few months. […]


Let’s flee far away to Iceland, Just you and me. Let’s hideaway from the world, Let’s go play. Let us soak in the hot springs, You’d like that, right? And hike and journey around Both in the day and night. I bet the stars are amazing, So far away, I would love to see them […]


Pulling on my soul, wondering where it wants me to go. This life is not my own; voluntarily shared with another; A third pull, still not my own, but owed for giving me life. Chained here, unable to move, unable to fly free. Obligations are good and necessary. Responsibility makes us feel needed. But still, […]


Drip, drip, drip. The last drop of blood falls to the floor, splashing in the puddle it made below. The heart stops and hardens, darker than the darkest coal on earth, harder than it was in life. The chest collapses; the last breath of air wheezing. It sinks in, adding pressure to that cold, dark […]


A voice stands out Among all the rest. The cacophony fades away. Your voice, your voice… there is something familiar in your voice. I listen with intent, seeking for hidden messages. Is it your voice I hear? Speak softly in my ear, draw me in closer, Share with me your world. Reveal, is it you […]


When I’m home, finally home, I will install those curved glass shelves, the shelves I opened that tragic Christmas, Just weeks after Dad passed away. He bought them for me when I found home. I’m not there yet, all these years later. When I’m home, finally home, I will hang that glass art I bought, […]


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