A Journey into Creativity

Fresh Pens and Paper

The Target commercial is already playing in my head… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” It’s that time of year again. The displays are stocked with pens and pencils and markers. Shelves are filled with papers, spirals, and notebooks galore. Even as an childless adult, it makes me smile to see back-to-school supplies. […]

Back to Nature – Part One

The wiper blades squealed across the windshield of their car. They didn’t have much choice when they landed at the airport following their 6-hour flight; at least it had four wheels, but not much more. The rain poured as they wound through the winding roads of the mountains. Finally, they arrived at the campgrounds, and […]

Synesthesia Overload

Voices jar my head, feeling like flashing lights. I squint my eyes at each inflection, The pain makes my brain throb. My eyes need to focus, but the screen is a blur. I just want to escape the noise of this call. The voices drone on, one stab after another. Quiet comes find me quick, […]


She had a vision, a thought of beauty. Slowly, she worked on her canvas, Not very skilled at holding a brush it would never bring in a dime, But she had a vision she needed out. So she painted the background, Trying to get the colors right Should it be light or dark sands? Then […]


The man frantically waved at the cars to stop. A limo, a town car, and a hearse pulled out. The other cars paused, a sign of respect, For the grieving family mourning their dead. The line of cars continued, at least 30 deep, As the processional moved down the road Then turned down a side […]


She dances across the golden dune, her bare legs, lightly kissed by the sun. Her body, wrapped in translucent white silk. She extends her hands to the skies, fabric floating freely in the breeze, appearing as if she has wings. Her raven hair rides the wind, and dark eyes pierce through. A picture of beauty […]


A young lad or lass, hard to tell, frozen in time. They watch over the garden by day and by night. Their icy gaze chill all who approach, Many move on, disrupted by the sight. But to others, the figure appears serene, especially when sitting in the light Knees tucked up grasped by clasped hands, […]


She walked with downcast eyes Everywhere she went. Her lips were not curved, Neither a smile nor a frown. She moved with attitude Emanating from her soul. But she had been marred by life And her story was sad and beautiful All at the same time. However, she kept it inside, Letting demons feast on […]

Snowy Owl Lane – New Year

Part Five Suzy brushed off her boots on the front porch, knocking off the clumps of icy sleet and snow. White crisp snow blanketed the meadow and their drive. The skies were gray with winter. She looked back down the drive, relieved the snows had waited until their holiday guests left. They were now snowed […]


The smell of fresh baked vanilla cake filled the air. Sally pulled the two round cake pans out of the oven and set the cakes aside to cool. It was a recipe she found in an old cook book. She picked up the container of fresh strawberries they picked at the u-pick yesterday and pulled […]


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