A Journey into Creativity


The sand crunched underfoot. Few shells lined the beach. The sand here was not powdery soft, not white like home. A wave rolled over her feet. When the water retreated, sea foam coated her toes. She looked around at the sun-faded pieces she could find, hoping to find at least one shell intact. But she […]

Surprise Dinner

She stepped out in a flowing navy sarong tied around her neck. He stood back watching her as she finished hanging her earring from her left ear. She smiled. She loved when he watched her get ready. He was dressed in some cargo shorts and a casual buttoned-down shirt, perfect for their tropical dinner she […]

Early Morning

Up at dawn, the twilight fades away. It has been weeks since I last saw this time of day. Awake before the birds start their song, Except for the final hoot saying so long. Cotton candy clouds float in the sky. While hot streaks skim up high. As more light fills the void of night, […]

Rambling to Motivate

So many excuses get in my way, Work demands are unpredictable, And this dizziness makes me afraid. Top it off with a heaping dose of Depression and self-loathing, A frightful combination ensues. But I know it needs to change, I need to get into me too. Not to go back to that twenty-year old physique, […]


Loneliness, she walked away from it. Or so she thought. But loneliness followed. Distractions, work, hobbies, and more. But loneliness continued to knock on her door. She turned off the lights and slipped away, While loneliness continued to rattle away. Perhaps the morning light would chase it away. Instead it hid in the corners, waiting […]


Why won’t this feeling settle, Always feeling adrift? It’s time for nurses to meddle, I hope it goes swift. Turn the neck right and left Flip over and sit up quick I hope the therapist is deft And I hope I don’t get sick. I have no more time for being dizzy, I have lots […]

Wood Shop

She stepped in from the chilly outside. In the air hung the smell of old wood. Light from a fluorescent bulb flickered above as it warmed up. She looked around his wood-shop. She found it oddly comforting as it made her feel his presence even with him days away. She ran her fingers across his […]

Country Mornings

The crow of the cock echoed through the open bedroom window. Sunlight streamed in, casting warmth on bare arms resting over the covers. Her eyes fluttered open to see cotton candy pink clouds in the dawn. The gentle slopes of the mountains framed the sky. In these early hours she enjoyed being where her ancestors […]


The skies darkened, heavy with clouds. Winds picked up; trees swayed and bent. Lightning flashed, filling the room, and A thunderous clap shook the windows. She shot up, her peaceful slumber broken. He ran his hand along her shivering arm, Trying to calm his bride as the storm raged. She took a deep breath and […]


She found herself in a frenzy once more, Knowing mother would soon call. She didn’t know why she was this way, But feared the sting of her biting tongue. Cleaning was a must, along with a change, Fresh sheets were in order, drying under way. But her frenzy led her down a path, One she […]


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