A Journey into Creativity

Sunday Nap

Thunder claps, disturbing a peaceful Sunday afternoon. Dark clouds roll in, dashing plans to visit the gardens. So we open up the shades and watch the lightning dance in the sky. The cats jump up settling in, protected from the storm. The thunder quiets down as the heavens open up, The rain hitting the windows […]

Summer Heat

The bright sun above beats down, how hot can it get? The glass of iced tea sweats, leaving behind a ring of wet. The birds are silent; the weather is even too warm for them. The dragonflies are hanging above, each insect they find a gem. She waters the small garden, the heat makes her […]


A battle of opposites begins. Lightness floats all around, encircling the dark. Darkness settles in, making its stand. Trading places, the dark pushes back, lightness begins to fade. The darkness is pierced by the light again. A stab in darkness’s heart. The dark pushes back, shattering the light. A twinkling of light scatters. The darkness […]

Walking On

Gone are the cool early mornings. Walks are sticky and warm now, even before the sun rises. Heat and humidity attack my hair, turning its strands into damp ringlets just for stepping outside. The birds are already active, singing their morning songs. The heat doesn’t bother them. Air conditioning beckons me home, but I must […]

Work Life Balance

Pen to paper, scratch, scratch, scratch. Notes written in haste, important at the time. Now they no longer make sense. They are just scribbles. Hands to keyboard, click, clack, click. Emails and documents and meetings on top. Work spins forward, as does life. But so much time wasted. Talent and creativity, thrown aside just to […]


The storm quickly approaches. Her knuckles turn white, tightly gripping the wheel. The ferocious winds howl, racking her car as she tries to stay in her lane. The waters are rising; she hopes she can make it home in time. Her car pulls onto the arching bridge and a wind tunnel appears. The waves and […]

Just Visiting

Gravel crunched beneath her feet as she traveled down the dirt road. Juicy ripe blackberries wound themselves on the barbed wire fence and posts along the road. Picking the berries was precarious business, avoiding the barbs as she plucked them off the vines. She popped a couple in her mouth as she walked along. Mist […]


She pulled out her blue journal full of crazy thoughts and dreams. She was crushed, and awake, finally, after months of being in a dreamland. She needed to separate what was fantasy from reality. She tore out the most revealing pages from the journal, that beautiful leather bound journal. Tears rolling down her face, she […]

Brunch at the Bay

PING! The ball goes flying, straight for its target. PLUNK! That one was a total dud. Red, Yellow, Green. Keeping the goals easy today. The sun is shining on this warm summer day. Your turn, now your turn, now your turn again. Awkward conversation after a fight a month earlier. Over our brunch, but laughter […]


Tender plumeria blossoming in the late-spring heat. Their five-petaled flowers slowly unwind and spread out like the sun’s rays. Yellow and white and pink and orange line our walkway. Their delicate blooms dance in the afternoon drizzle, the raindrops roll down the massive leaves. As the rains grow heavy, the flowers yield, falling to the […]


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