A Journey into Creativity

Tropical Trek – Part 5

“Mark, just leave. I’ll get the copy to you, but this discussion is over. It’s not your business!” Suzy pushed Mark out of the door of her suite. Once the door shut behind her and was locked, she exhaled. She walked into the bathroom and rinsed off her face, then looked at the mirror. She […]

Tropical Trek – Part 4

Suzy walked to her bed and saw a message left for her on her phone. She quickly recognized the number as a member of her team and played the voicemail: “Hi Suzy. It’s Mark. The team was able to get an early flight. We’re already here. Meet us in the lobby in the morning at […]

Pants on Fire

Skirting the truth, we all do it. Most of the time with good intentions. But I’m still amazed when a full-grown adult tells absolute lies. Well, not really anymore; we’re growing tolerant and stopping questions, Perhaps out of sheer exhaustion or not wanting to deal with the cries. But let’s get real. Proof is proof. […]

Tropical Trek – Part 3

Back at the resort, Suzy stepped out of the shower in her room, freshly clean from the day’s trek. She slipped into some hipsters and a light bra, a tee, then picked up the multicolored sarong from the edge of the bed. She wrapped the sarong around her waist, shaping it into a flowing skirt. […]

Tropical Trek – Part 2

They swam to shore, then walked over to her pack and took seats on opposing rocks. He towered over her short stature. “I’m Steve, by the way,” he stated as he brushed some of the wetness off his head. “Suzy, nice to meet you,” she responded as she took her towel and dried her legs, […]

Tropical Trek

The dense tropical forest surrounded her. The calls of macaws echoed through the vines above. A lone hiker stopped along the trail, wiped the sweat from her brow, and sipped from her canteen. She slipped the canteen back in her pack. That waterfall can’t be too far now, she thought to herself. She couldn’t wait […]

Long to Go

Twinkling sounds dance from wind chimes As the sky’s breath moves them to and fro. The sounds remind me of olden times When grandparents live and gardens grow. Birds sing songs full of rhymes, And scent fills the air of berries and tomato. The world, simple yet spanning lifetimes, The daffodils and tulips bloom just […]

The Other Side

Grasslands and ranches line the road, Speckled with aging frond covered palms. Ramshackled old houses long abandoned Leaning from storms that swept the land. Tomatoes and strawberries and sugarcane, Active farms and ranches keep us fed A different world exists between our coasts. Florida is more than fun and beaches.

R & R

The babbling of the spa waterfall lulls me While the flames of the nearby fire dance These things put me into a trance. My mind here is free to wander, But stays clear of thoughts that hurt, As if it know it too needs a break. Here I can feel my stresses melt away. The […]

A Queen’s Place

The lady entered the great hall, dressed in silks foreign to the gathered crowd. Her crown sparkled of gems, carefully selected to finish her look, or perhaps it was the other way around. The bold red, deep emerald, and royal blue tones reminded all of her place in this world, and it was at the […]


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