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On the Hill, By the Sea

A little girl played among the wildflowers on the hill by the sea. Dressed in a white babydoll dress and black patent leather shoes, she looked fresh from church in her Sunday best. Her brown curly hair floated on the onshore winds. Her smile brightened up the area and her giggle was light and infectious […]

Tropical Trek – Part 6

A loud rap came from the door to Suzy’s suite. Suzy rubbed her eyes and looked over at Steve sleeping there, then looked at her phone for the time. It was just a little past 10 PM. Suzy found her sarong and wrapped it around her hips in an impromptu skirt then made her way […]

Full Circle, Not Yet

“I really don’t have time. I really must hurry.” He looked back as he ran for the train. She stood there, her face covered with worry, As her lips quivered and eyes started to rain. “My love, I will always will be right here,” And she laid her hand over her heart. “My feelings will […]

Making Her Mark

Isabelle walked into the room. The music ceased, and all eyes turned to watch her. Legs which went for miles in champagne stilettos. A silky white dress wrapped her as tight as a hug, with a slit up her left leg to mid-thigh. Her dark hair framed her tanned face. With her chocolate brown eyes, […]

Tropical Trek – Part 5

“Mark, just leave. I’ll get the copy to you, but this discussion is over. It’s not your business!” Suzy pushed Mark out of the door of her suite. Once the door shut behind her and was locked, she exhaled. She walked into the bathroom and rinsed off her face, then looked at the mirror. She […]

Tropical Trek – Part 4

Suzy walked to her bed and saw a message left for her on her phone. She quickly recognized the number as a member of her team and played the voicemail: “Hi Suzy. It’s Mark. The team was able to get an early flight. We’re already here. Meet us in the lobby in the morning at […]

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