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Dreaming of work…it’s a sign to take a break. Head constantly pounding, what did I miss? The piles of work grows higher, While less and less seems to get done. Teaching, and stressing, and learning myself. It’s time to catch my breath, it’s time to rest. Counting down to sand and surf and sunsets. Just […]


Smoke floated upon the air. The smell of burning wood brought to mind cool fall nights, football games, and hot cocoa. She pulled her coat around her, inhaling his cologne that still lingered on her from his hug. A smile crept across her face. Her suede boots crunched through the leaves. She turned down the […]

A Nice Surprise

He slid into the seat next to her and glanced her way. “So, you wanna drive?” She lifted her hand to him. A black silk sleeping mask dangled from her index finger. “Yes, now put this on.” She giggled softly, “It’s a surprise.” He plucked the mask and scoffed. “If I have to wear this, […]

Howling Winds

A long night slowly crept by. Forced my focus away from the news. We knew what was coming, so I needed to alleviate anxiety. Thankful to have power, so I sat and stitched. A blue and white quilt I decided to make. I pursed my lips and lost myself to the dancing needle, guiding it […]


Dark skies greeted the day. Easy to see, something was amiss. The lake was eerily calm despite the gray clouds. Birds darted about, making final preparations. Rains fell throughout the morn, but passed as quickly as it came. The winds picked up as the day wore on, slowly passing by. As the daylight faded, the […]

Mountain Sunset

Take me on a hike to a high point, Let’s set up camp just for us. Start a little fire and eat a little bite, Wrap up with each other close and tight. Watch the sun drift down below the peaks. Laugh at silly ghost stories and awful jokes, and play with each other’s chilly […]

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