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Double Work

Mistakenly, she thought, four hands were better than two. But twice makes quadruple the work. Don’t get me wrong, partnership is good. But then there are those moments, Hands and arms covered in suds, When you wonder, why can’t it all get done. Rinsed dishes under dirty, enough! Now it’s a double wash, and an […]

The Easy Life

Life, on the rocks, hard as can be. But time wears the rough edges away, And the stones turn smooth and slick. Over and over, the waves beat on. Eventually the rock turns to rubble, The rubble turns to grainy sand. The grains continue to wear away, Until nothing but powder remains. The water recedes, […]

Own It!

Here we go again, another struggle on its way. It isn’t mine, but she tries to lay it at my feet. How did this happen, this confusion and dismay? Every direction turns into her latest defeat. I have to hold my tongue and direct; With tears, it isn’t time to correct. So, I let her […]

Love Makes Light

Glints of lights bounce around, Glitter reflecting candlelight, Twirling about in wooden floors, For a few moments, the world was all right. Joyful music filled the spacious hall, A lively clamor from wall to wall. Hand holding and dancing close, Tuxedos and shimmery dresses, A fanciful buffet spread served, And away went all of the […]

Florida Christmas

Two skinny trees, hiding in the corner, called to her. She finally found what she sought after keeping an eye out for a couple weeks. They were almost skipped; she’d only stepped into the area of the garden shop to look at something else when they caught her attention. Three segments, a stand and three […]

Starry Nights

Staring into the popcorn ceiling above, glints of gold glitter caught my eye. That was a thing back then, covering popcorn ceilings with glitter, I guess. It was like staring at the clouds. Relaxing and mesmerizing, my active imagination would find figures and scenes, building little vignettes in my mind. Sometimes, in my younger years, […]

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