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Holy Guacamole

I’m addicted. Not necessarily to eating it, but more to making it. Slowly, it is becoming a Sunday ritual. First comes the garlic. I slide the papery covered cloves into a tube and roll until they release. Then I work my knife all around until it is finely chopped. I’ve also done the whole “rub…

Bye-Bye Precious Locks

She grimaced as she sat down. The black cape was securely snapped in place. She held up her phone showing her the picture. “It’s time.” “Shampoo cut and style?” She nodded and followed her to the sink. A nice scalp massage and squeeze dry, then it was back to the chair. She didn’t want to…

Lost in the Garden

Come, walk in the garden with me. Let’s follow the trail of bark and see where it leads. Row upon row of blossoming flowers, heady with fragrance, filling our heads. Twirl me in the center, under the gazebo frame, lined with vines and petals. Laugh with me hand in hand under the shade of the…


When I’m an old lady, I want to be spunky; Ready to handle you, you old punky. Going on grand adventures, exploring places, Loving you in the in between spaces. Gleeful and happy, full of good cheer, All the more so because you are near. Watch your grandkids play the day away, In our front…

On Second Thought

She typed a text to him, but paused. She let the cursor flash. The miles between them seemed to grow. She didn’t know why this ebb and flow happened. It was always around her birthday it seemed. And would last for weeks or months at times. She frowned. She didn’t understand. But she didn’t want…

Lucky Fella

“Quick! Catch him!” The horde chased the diminutive man, dressed in a green velour jacket and black top hat. He giggled and kicked his heels, then ran off again. His flaming red curls bounced under his hat. Every March 17th, it’s the same thing. He’d come to love the chase, but it’s even funnier when…

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