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Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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Eye of the Storm – Dawn Renee Writes: https://dawnreneewrites.com/eye-of-the-storm/

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Weekend Escape | Dawn Renee Writes


April 2021 – A Poem A Day Month – Find My Poems Here: https://dawnreneewrites.com/april-2021-a-poetry-collection/

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Autumn is Upon Us

Crimson reds, sunset oranges, and golden yellows abound. The crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, that sound. Fireplaces soon will billow with soot and smoke, The time nears to gather with friends and kinfolk. High school football on Friday nights, Marching bands playing under the lights, A chill in the air brings sweater weather, and an […]

The Light

The darkness filled the void, nothing else visible except two figures. A light winged creature kneeled before a dark creature. The winged creature was bound by the wrists, reaching upward to its captor. The dark creature looked down with blazing light eyes as he spoke with a booming voice, “Why does a creature of light […]

Just Fishin’

He leaned over to her, lightly tapping her on the hand. “Hey, want to go fishing?” His voice was a little raspy with age. His eyes still twinkled with love. Her hands were wrinkled and covered in veins, but he still loved her hands. She leaned her head over to his shoulder. Softly, in her […]

Destination – Part 1

She pulled up to his place, nervous, with a small bag in hand. She’d never taken over control before, but she had it all carefully planned. She climbed up the steps and knocked on his door. He was expecting her at least. He answered, still dressed in pajama pants and no shirt. She let out […]

True Love

When looks fade away, And bodies age and change, When hair grays and disappears, But the light in your eyes remains, The mind loses memories and details, But souls are forever entwined, That is true love.

Fall Like Conditions

A cool breeze tousled her short brown hair. A smile came across her face like the fresh air from the change of scenery. Soon, fall would arrive. It was her favorite season. She had escaped the sweltering heat of summer for this break, knowing it would only last a week, and then it would be […]

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