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On The Attack

No, that rainbow painted truck is not an attack on you. That Pride Parade is not telling you to change your family structure or personal beliefs. No, that gay man won’t make your son gay. No, having a gay character represented in a movie is not indoctrination. If it is, so is having a heterosexual…

Finding Light

The hours ticked away as the miles flew by. She sat, her legs stretched across the back seat. She watched the cars and the scenery pass by. The car had grown serious, stoic faces abound. Quiet murmurs in passing. Soft touches on shoulders now and then. Hugs and tears, sniffles and stiffening to stifle it…

Gone, Not Forgotten

Death carries such finality but memories live on. Influences and habits make us who we are, Even when we reject beliefs they instill. The body may be out of our touch, But their love still fills our hearts. Pain follows their passing, an emptiness surrounds. Time may lessen the hurt, Fear not, good days will…

Fat Shamed and Swindled

A cautionary tale Get everything in writing. Waivers, accommodations, assurances, “that’s a boilerplate waiver”… don’t ever believe it unless you get it in writing. My husband and I are not little people. God, I wish we were as our trip would be so much more fun. But, we do what we can. When we signed…

Morning Comes Early

The skies outside are dark, but my eyes are wide awake. The jet lag interferes with my sleep; in just a few hours, I’ll need a nap. I wander to the balcony. Waves crash in the distance while little finches and chickadees chirp. Soon the sun will come, but I have energy to burn now.…

Getting There

Mind racing, but it’s time to relax. Dizzying thoughts swirl, while motion sways, All this movement throws me off all balance, And the body surrenders. Finally, finding footing once more, But still the mind pounds, and the unease remains. Did I forget something; did I leave anything undone; What if I forgot something… But there’s…

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