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You know that kind of love, the one that sweeps you off your feet? It’s the underlying thread in every love song through the years. It’s the kind of love that spurs the desire to dance in the rain and curl under the covers, cuddling and holding each other tight. It’s a type of love…


The cushions laced with something magical; Draining any energy a lounger possesses. Sleep comes swiftly, especially when cozied up. A blanket insulates, further entrancing victims. The sounds of distant trains and cars fade; Music or movies blaring disappear too. A shrill ring of the phone might make it through, But the purrs and mews drown…

Last Laugh

The weather deceived on Florida, It should be a crisp winter day. Instead the sun beat down relentlessly, With only passing clouds providing relief. The wind picked up as the skies darkened, But the threat of rain did not come to pass. The humidity gathered and smothered instead While Mother Nature had her last laugh.

Nap Time

Exhaustion overtook her, she stripped to her bra and slipped into bed. The sheet loosely gathered over her waist to keep the breeze from the fan off her legs. Swiftly, she drifted to sleep. Gray clouds rolled in with the cold front. The winds outside picked up. The perfect weather to sleep the afternoon away.…

Blushed Beyond

Flashing heat spread across her cheeks, Aware she revealed too much this time, And no way to hide it or take it back. She thought she was being flirty and cute, But did she scream past that invisible line? At this point, nothing to undo the facts; She’ll just need to ride out the embarrassment.…

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