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April 2021 – A Poem A Day Month – Find My Poems Here: https://dawnreneewrites.com/april-2021-a-poetry-collection/

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Eye of the Storm – Part Three

Mikaela woke up. She knew she wasn’t at home anymore. She sat up on the twin bed, curled up with the comforter thrown over her. She looked about the room. It was sterile, except for a few of her own pictures sitting on the desk. She recognized them and sighed. She remembered the blue cabinets […]

Eye of the Storm – Part Two

The storm continued to rage. Mikaela stares at this man lying in her foyer. She saw the blood dripping down his forehead. She ran to the bathroom and grabbed a couple towels and the first aid kit. As she returned, she rolled up the towel and rolled the man on his back, resting his head […]

Eye of the Storm – Part One

She sits, curled up by the window, her eyes looking out through the rain at the street lights reflecting in the puddles on the road. The warm cup of tea keeps her hands warm while the blanket on her lap protects her from the chill in the air. The rain becomes heavier as it passes […]

Tennessee Mountain Home

A little retreat I’ve built in my head. Isn’t it nice to dream? Enjoy! The paved road is pot-holed and broken. There was a time it was gravel and dust. It splits off the main road and takes us off to Grandma and Grandpa’s old home. Poplar, oak and maple trees shade the road as […]


Her brown eyes looked at his, filled with tears. His brown eyes were black as coal and cold. Once where love glistened and glowed, there was no more. Her voice quivered, she knew it was over, but she wondered, What did I do wrong? Wasn’t I patient and kind? Didn’t I show him how much […]

Thank You!

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who has read and liked my poetry and various posts this April. I also appreciate the kind comments made. There have been days I searched for inspiration, and others where it came easily. I enjoyed every moment through this journey and […]

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