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This site is devoted to various musings and thoughts.

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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April 2021 – A Poem A Day Month – Find My Poems Here: https://dawnreneewrites.com/april-2021-a-poetry-collection/

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Pretty Little Butterfly

The chrysalis breaks open. A small head emerges. She looks about, amazed by the new world before her. Slowly, she works her way out of the safety of her cocoon. She preens and shakes and shivers in the open air. Gently, she beings to spread her iridescent wings. Her colors are unique and magical, shades […]

Just a Slice

I see it in my mind, our little place away from the hustle of any big city. It’s quiet here, especially at night when we look up to the stars from the small firepit you built by hand. I love sitting in our Adirondack chairs, watching the skies, as you hold my hand. Bundled in […]

Fall Biscuits

The flavors of fall on the stove, Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, Apples bubble in the sauce; Their aromas fill our house. Soon it will be time to bake Biscuits when we wake, Apple butter to spread about, That’s a breakfast to make me shout, Yum!

A Cat’s Life

Softly, she mews, longing for attention. She only seeks a momentary connection, then she is back off to stalk her brother. She sneaks up to the chaise; His back is turned, perched, Watching squirrels and birds at play. His ear twitches as she nears, He can hear her closing in, But he doesn’t react. Instead, […]

Peace among the Busy

Crispness in the air greets us this beautiful fall morning. Throwing open the windows, the house fills with the freshness of outside. A kind of peace and serenity settles in my soul for today I know where I am and can face the day ahead. A rhythm establishes as the birds sing outside. The kitchen […]


Flames dance in the night, the smell of campfire fills their noses. Sitting in their chairs, they relax enjoying the cool air. The hoot of a great horned owl echoes through the trees, while the occasional acorn falls from the oak trees above them. One smacks her on the top of her head and she […]

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