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This site is devoted to various musings and thoughts.

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

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Eye of the Storm – Dawn Renee Writes: https://dawnreneewrites.com/eye-of-the-storm/

A Sea Tale | Dawn Renee Writes

Weekend Escape | Dawn Renee Writes


April 2021 – A Poem A Day Month – Find My Poems Here: https://dawnreneewrites.com/april-2021-a-poetry-collection/

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Angelic Taste

The vampires, the vampires, They are at it again. Their blood-thirst never expires, They want to get under my skin. Tastes likes it was made by angels, One snickers as she bites in, The other one sinks her fang in well, The pain makes my patience run thin. One day I will escape from them […]

Politics As Usual

Eyes glared at the television, An exhausted sigh escaped her lips. We’ve allowed this to happen, The constant stalemate and bickering. We as in a collective, accepting less, Allowing voting by party lines, the split; No longer caring about right, best, fair. Rolling eyes, disdain, our power is small, What’s it going to take to […]

Treasure Map

Come dig with me; let’s find buried treasure. We’ll find riches and gold beyond measure. Underneath swaying palms is where we’ll stay, And find a faded map to guide us on our way, Hidden deep in a granite cave full of sand, Here I hope you find me and hold my hand. A serene pool […]


Wagging little tails, yips abound, Soft friendly purrs, meows and paws too. Today remember the #BettyWhiteChallenge Give a little love, a small donation, or time, help a furry friend find their forever home.

Winter in FLA

A crisp day befalls our little corner of the world, Out come the sweaters and scarves, Some even don light winter coats. We know we look silly to all those tourists, The ones wearing shorts and flip flops Amazed at such a beautiful winter’s day. I enjoy these days, my northern blood agrees, A light […]


An unsettled feeling hits her in the gut. Nothing she could do but wait. Waiting however is the hardest part. So she walked, and she breathed. She distracted herself with life. But her gut screamed at her, Wouldn’t let her get settled. Always looking for her next escape, Her next adventure, her next thing to […]

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