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All in All

Gifts for him, for her, gifts for one and all,

Have you seen boxes stacked six feet tall?

They litter the table, they clutter the hall,

Is online shopping better than the mall?

What happened to gifts homemade and small?

I’m not so sure about this craziness, y’all!

No matter what, I mustn’t stall,

It’s all for family…I hope they have a ball!

poetry, writing


The light sparkles

on snow flecked antlers,

as the quiet deer

sits among the pine

upon a blanket of white.

Moonlight streams

through the branches,

bringing sweet serenity

to the forest floor.

The wind falls still,

not a leaf or twig moves,

while distant clouds

float by in the sky.

Night has come,

oh such a silent night,

and peace befalls

man and beast alike.

poetry, writing


What was full of life, drifting, lost to the sea,

Now lodges on white sandy shores.

Rocked by waves, bleached by sun,

hollowed by age and weather.

The heron perches,

watching the waters near,

a perfect place to spy

to find its next dinner.

The crabs and sealife make their home,

A breakwater to catch seashells forms.

A treasure trove of life can now be found.

poetry, writing

Seasons Change

Her hand hangs down by her side,

Shaking, unsure if nerves or the cold

Is the cause, Dressed in white,

Blending in with the frozen snow.

Dark eyes, windswept hair, she looks out.

Finally, she feels warmth, steady on her neck.

His hand slips into hers, and the warmth,

The warmth flows through her veins.

She dares not look to her side, though

She longs to see him standing there.

His hand slips free, and she pauses,

Fearing it is only a dream.

But the warmth returns as his hand finds

The small of her back. He guides her forward,

To the edge, beyond the crowd.

Finally she turns, and looks up.

Winter turns to spring, seasons change,

His smile steals her breath away.

Is this happily ever after?

poetry, writing


Falling, falling, falling down,

but the bottom never finds her.

Her fear eventually turns to delight,

for she realizes she has found flight.

She sees the clouds and the sky,

but her descent does not cease,

she hits the water and continues to drift,

not needing to breathe, she sees,

turquoise waters surround her,

fish and aquatic life abound,

the sea turns into a deep sapphire blue.

Finally, the deep greens surround her.

Surely she’ll soon stop, but no,

she doesn’t as the sandy floor swallows her whole,

a portal opens and she continues the fall.

Purples and blues and flashes of lights,

the worlds around her begin to spin,

planets and moons and stars amaze her eyes,

endlessly she explores, unable to stop,

never finding the universe’s center or edge,

realizing how small we are,

how small we really all are.

Overwhelmed by insignificance,

overwhelmed by the grandeur,

part from sadness, part from joy,

slowly the tears well up in her eyes.

poetry, writing


I am here, still, for a few more years.

The times will be filled with smiles and tears.

Family and friends will come and go.

My true love stays in my heart though.

The seasons will pass, and we both age;

Our stories will write, we turn another page.

Although we can’t walk side by side now

I hope one day we find a way somehow.

poetry, writing

Breaking the Wall

Silence. But not peace.

Maddening silence.

Frozen, no movement.

Sitting there, hours on end.

No freedom. No rest. But silence.

Should they disturb her? Let her be?

It’s been weeks. Gaunt in the face,

She barely eats.

30 pounds gone in 4 weeks.

She barely sleeps.

None of this is normal.

She spends hours circling the block,

She walks claiming it clears her mind.

Silence. More silence.

They can no longer stand it.

The strings are twisted too taut.

Finally, the explosion.

Screaming, yelling, stomping, slamming doors.

Targeted at her father, he fires back.

But they both know, they aren’t yelling at each other.

Finally calmness returns after the hoarse voices and red eyes.

The recovery begins.

poetry, writing

A Cat’s Life

Softly, she mews, longing for attention.

She only seeks a momentary connection,

then she is back off to stalk her brother.

She sneaks up to the chaise;

His back is turned, perched,

Watching squirrels and birds at play.

His ear twitches as she nears,

He can hear her closing in,

But he doesn’t react.

Instead, he settles in more,

But leaves her space.

She jumps, he looks her way.

Softly she lands and

they paw at each other a moment.

Then she turns, now aware of

The heron outside, preening.

She settles in next to brother

They both begin to chatter,

Ready for the hunt.

poetry, writing

Peace among the Busy

Crispness in the air greets us this beautiful fall morning.

Throwing open the windows,

the house fills with the freshness of outside.

A kind of peace and serenity settles in my soul

for today I know where I am and can face the day ahead.

A rhythm establishes as the birds sing outside.

The kitchen seems to almost clean itself,

before I settle into the workday before me.

Even when chaos breaks, which it inevitably does,

I take a moment and breath it in,

that fresh air still coming in,

and relax my neck and back as we forge ahead.

Peace and serenity found me this busy day,

I hope they find me many more times

in the coming days and weeks to come.

poetry, writing


Do you remember laying there,

Staring up at the stars,

Looking into infinity?

It was a moment of neverending dreams,

Feeling each other’s warmth

as the heat of the day faded away.

Cuddling close, understanding,

Nothing remains the same,

But hoping to stay in that moment forever,

Because at that moment, life was perfect.

Let’s do that again someday.