poetry, writing

Lost in the Garden

Come, walk in the garden with me.

Let’s follow the trail of bark

and see where it leads.

Row upon row of blossoming flowers,

heady with fragrance, filling our heads.

Twirl me in the center,

under the gazebo frame,

lined with vines and petals.

Laugh with me hand in hand

under the shade of the banyan tree.

Sit with me beside the pond,

watching the swans floating along the banks.

Wouldn’t it be lovely

to stroll along

in a garden full of life?

poetry, writing


When I’m an old lady, I want to be spunky;

Ready to handle you, you old punky.

Going on grand adventures, exploring places,

Loving you in the in between spaces.

Gleeful and happy, full of good cheer,

All the more so because you are near.

Watch your grandkids play the day away,

In our front yard when they come to stay.

Wear a floppy hat and think I’m all that!

And not worry too much over a little fat.

When I’m old, I hope to find my stride,

And remember that life is worth the ride.

poetry, writing

Small Wins

We couldn’t find the right boxes;

They’re somewhere in the disaster

That we call the bottomless pit, er, garage.

Finally, I relented and gave up,

Wrapped the silver ornaments

And stored them into a different box.

I know I’ll never find them again.

But it’s a small win, so I’ll take it.

Now the last of Christmas is finally away.

Which means Spring has sprung early….

I really love putting out my bunnies.

Even if the day of love has not yet passed.

Besides it’s already in the 80s today,

And strawberries are ripening on the vine.

Yes, yes, it’s time for springtime.

poetry, writing

Waves lapping against the bridge;

Blue skies dotted with clouds;

The alarm sounds and gates fall;

Slowly the creaky grates rise

All for a tiny sailboat with a tall mast.

Put the car in park, lower the windows

And open the sunroof fully

Letting the salt air in while waiting.

Peer through dark sunglasses

Over the smooth glistening water.

Perhaps a dolphin or two will swim by.

Gulls and pelicans dip for snacks,

While we wait a little while longer.

Finally the groan of the lowering bridge,

And a jiggle of the span below.

It’s time to finally cross over

To the island and beach just beyond.

One of these weekends, I’ll get back home to enjoy this. It’s been too long and I miss feeling the soft sand between my toes and seeing the sparkling clear water. Just me, the sunrise, surrounded by coastal beauty.

poetry, writing

French Delight

Crusty, crunchy, flakes go flying.

The tender buttery layers give way,

But the crisp outer shell snaps away.

A smooth chocolaty center tickles the tongue;

Appreciate the hours it requires to make

Each of the fifty five layers it takes

To make the delightful pain au chocolat.

poetry, writing

Waiting to Bloom

Pale stripped bones reach to the sky,

Bleached by the sun and starved for rain.

Winters’ cold blasted, pushing towards death,

But life still pumps in its inner most core.

Will spring revive, renew, and nourish,

Allowing for buds of green and pink to return,

Will the fragrance of life fill its arms once more?

poetry, writing


Burning the midnight oil, their heads begin to bob,

Another late night install, but it’s their job.

Toiling and deploying, testing and such,

Why does a simple fix cost so much?

It keeps people employed and busy too,

One day, this is something automation will do.

Some of us can’t wait to focus on other pursuits;

While the rest will have to learn to wear new suits.

poetry, writing

Wrapping Up

What to write, she tensed and ponder,

While he played with her feet down under.

His fur is softer than any fur coat,

And he butts his head into my legs like a goat.

His eyes are pleading, but I gave him water,

So off to his food bowl I must saunter.

Little pellets pour out, and he pretends to eat,

But I know…he really wants a chewy treat.

Now comes sister begging for some love,

And she starts to purr like a dove.

Seems tonight just wrote this little piece.

Now it’s time to catch some of my own zees.

poetry, writing

Sea Dreams

Baby blue skies kissed with cotton candy clouds,

The blue hour upon this world is fleeting.

Water shimmers in turquoise iridescence,

Creamy white sands swirl in lapping waves.

Gently slip into slumber as day fades to night,

Curled up in a blanket by the silent shore.

Dream sweet dreams of dolphins and shells,

And adventures with Poseidon by your side.

poetry, writing

Rome Has Fallen

Alabaster skin almost translucent in light;

Veiled shadows reveal the rays dancing through.

A soft fragility masks the aged figure;

How has it lasted hundreds, nay, thousands of years.

Unprotected from the elements, time has worn off her details,

How did they carve this beauty before the modern age?

But still she stands, a beacon of strength and beauty,

Amidst the ruins from when Rome did fall.