April and Spring brings #NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month. I will be taking a journey into the creative side as I spin up rhymes, haikus, possibly a limerick, and even free verse poems. I’ll post these on blog as well as compile the collection on this page dedicated to the month.

I hope you enjoy!

Lost Soul Hacked

Grayness and sadness filled the skies

as she realized how she swallowed his lies.

She believed him to be someone she knew,

someone pretending to hide from view.

Was it a lost soul looking for his twin?

Was it her heart he sought to again win?

But the mask he hid behind fell away,

and the truth was clear that dreary day.

So, with a quick block she removed the hack

and now she knew she’d never look back.

April 1, 2022 – DRM


The tapping of the rain on the windowpane

And the wind howling through the mighty oak

Teardrops stain the window’s glass

As tired eyes stare from an exhausted lass

Sleep comes as her lids finally close,

A blanket wrapped to keep her warm.

Finally sweet slumber settles in,

And her aging face wears a grin.

Drifting away from the day comes with ease

Now she may drift off to dream as she please.

April 2, 2022 – DRM


Softest of petals feeling like velvet,

Freshly fallen from bloom filled trees.

Brilliant blue skies, dotted with clouds,

Gentle music floats upon the winds.

The silk and lace drapes her elegantly,

Her soft brown curls surround her face

She peers out the window and sees him,

Wearing a smile wider than the Grand Canyon.

She looked forward to this day,

Ready to step into a whole new life.

April 3, 2022 – DRM

Controlled Motion

Gasping, tremors, needing air.

Stumbling to the back,

Desperate for a drink of water.

Throat is dry like the desert as

quivering hands struggle,

The clear liquid sloshes in its bottle.

Finally, a gulp goes down,

As sweat drips into eyes.

But relief is not found.

Light exercise, it’s not…

This is a form of torture!

April 4, 2022 – DRM

Lend Me Your Ear

Shift your attentions away my dear

Even if it is only to something near

For in this life there is nothing to fear

But words like these are hard to hear.

Do not worry about the next month or year

It’s time to take care of what is right here.

For the past go ahead and shed that tear,

Then let your todays bring you cheer.

April 5, 2022 – DRM

Spring Forth

The freshness of spring bursts forth,

While grasses and leaves of green grow,

And buds turn into blossoming flowers.

Bees and birds take to the skies,

Filling our ears with hums and songs.

Welcoming is the renewal season,

Joy and fresh air fill our hearts and lungs.

Come now my dear and plant a gentle kiss

Upon blushing cheek touched by sun.

April 6, 2022 – DRM


Take a look around, see anything different?

No? How about if you kneel down

Or look up above yourself?

Lay down in the grass and open your eyes

Do you see the world around you change?

Break from the screens and shut the noise?

How about now, what do you feel?

Go another direction, deep into the heart of the city.

Hear the noise, watch the rush of people,

It’s a different world here too.

Shift your view to the sadness in the East,

See the chaos and destruction and death.

Now come back to where you are.

Grateful to be where you are.

Happy to have all you have,

At peace with all you love.

Amazing what happens when you go and

Change your point of view.

April 7, 2022 – DRM

Love Juxtaposed

Tender is the touch of love.

Gripping is the grasp of passion.

Hear me whisper my words of adoration.

Revel in my cheers of sheer and pure joy.

Know my soft and light side is ever so real,

Although I may show a hard exterior shell,

And darkness may shadow me at times.

Conservative, nay safe, in my own life,

Yet liberal with freedom for others.

Find my every juxtaposition intriguing,

And love me to my very core,

Or say farewell and bid me adieu.

April 8, 2022 – DRM

Aquatic Peace

Muffled sounds in the distance of motors and creatures

Echoes of sounds morphed by the waves of the sea

Warm waters surround, suspended and weightless,

Almost helpless against the pull of the current.

Releasing control to nature, watching in amazement

The reef is alive and filled with multitudes of colors

Yellow and blue, purple and greens, fish abound

Red and iridescent corals bend in the flow

Thoughts of a racing mind drift away

as attention moves to closer things,

Peace can be found in this aquatic escape.

But one thing is always there wishing

these adventures one day we may share.

April 9, 2022 – DRM

What’s in a Name

The crazy thoughts of youth.

I remember the day you said

you’d rather take my name.

I was humbled and shocked,

But I didn’t know what to say.

I wanted your name so much,

Much more than my own.

I wondered if we could,

if we should, just maybe,

come up with one of our own.

I pictured our future that very day.

While it didn’t come to pass,

And our paths went different ways,

I hope you know, I do wish we had.

April 10, 2022 – DRM

A New Breeze

Fluttering through shadow and light

Caught up by the softest breeze.

Landing on flowers and holding tight,

Gathering the goodness of pollen

And sipping on droplets of water

Nestled deep in petals in the shade.

Closing and opening brightly colors wings

A swallowtail of black and gold

Flitting and pulsing faster and faster

Until letting go and floating away

Upon a new breeze to flowers unknown.

April 11, 2022 – DRM


The sun long gone, far away now

And the moon has slipped out of view

The darkness reveals twinkling stars

Dancing across the night sky.

Midnight falls upon the land

As the cars dwindle and return home.

A lonely train horn blows in the distance

As I finally find my way to slumber.

April 12, 2022 – DRM

Spring Morn’

Crisp mornings fading fast,

Springs in Florida never last.

The sun swiftly rises in the sky

Pinks change to blue up high

And the cardinal sings at full blast.

April 13, 2022 – DRM

Heavenly Redwoods

Streams of light pierce through

Upon a misty forested floor.

The redwoods soar up high

Touching the heavens above.

A quiet stream babbles nearby,

As small chirps jump upon branches.

Breathing the dewey morning calms

And bring a peaceful smile.

Although it is only in my dreams.

April 14, 2022 – DRM

Spring Break

The piles grow above her head

More and more tasks and work

Furiously she works to clear them out,

One by one, only to be replaced by three more

The cycle is unending, no finish line to see

But the sun is shining and flowers in bloom

So instead, she begins to plan her escape.

Tunneling through the mountain,

Finally finding a route to take.

She takes a few final steps,

addressing only the most important,

Sets on her responses to do not disturb

And makes her way out into the light.

April 15, 2022 – DRM

Warm Spring

Sticky and hot, the air clings to skin

Even the warm breeze brings little relief.

Thermometers creep closer to ninety,

Yet May is still a few weeks away.

Spring flowers wilt, waiting for just a drop

But rain clouds above refuse to pop

Birds no longer sing in the heat of the day.

Life slows down in the mug of the afternoon,

While we all await a beautiful sunset.

April 16, 2022 – DRM

No Peace Yet

Sticky and hot, the air clings to skin

Even the warm breeze brings little relief.

Thermometers creep closer to ninety,

Yet May is still a few weeks away.

Spring flowers wilt, waiting for just a drop

But rain clouds above refuse to pop

Birds no longer sing in the heat of the day.

Life slows down in the mug of the afternoon,

While we all await a beautiful sunset.

April 17, 2022 – DRM

Folly in the Meadow

She runs across the open field

Free from all that once hindered

Light as a feather, she almost floats

In waves of tall grass and flowers

Butterflies and other winged creatures

Float around her adorned head

A ring of wildflowers is her crown

She looks back behind her and sees

The smile she has long adored,

His laughter fills the air as he watches

Soon he takes off, chasing her down,

As he nears he grabs her waist

Lovingly and strong, he turns her around

Her face blushes from sun and the moment

As they spin together in each other’s arms.

Then one trips and down they go,

Giggling at their folly in the meadow

They find each other once more

And seal their lives together with a kiss.

April 18, 2022 – DRM

Morris Island Lighthouse

Tall and thin, reaching to the sky,

How does that monster stand?

Winds whipping around,

But it is sturdier than the fiercest storms.

Waves crashing upon its base,

The sea surrounds its very foundation

Threatening to topple it with each wave.

Defying nature’s force, it continues to resist,

And shines its light to lead sailors to shore.

April 19, 2022 – DRM

The Lady and her Earl

The lady and her Earl, sitting side by side

In a manicured garden with nothing to hide

Surrounded by lavender and citrus high

Along with just a hint of vanilla so shy.

The skies a brilliant blue with no clouds above,

And distant chirps of birds and coos of a dove.

Never had they felt something so true…

When upon the wind they heard I Love You

April 20, 2022 – DRM


Look at me with your probing eyes,

Though I might not be much to look at.

Gently caress my shoulders,

Show me that I am desired,

That I am worth something to you.

Make me tremble with your touch.

Hear my heart, beating through my chest,

Read my face and know my every want.

Exhale softly revealing your needs

Then pull me in, closer than ever before,

Make me know I am forever yours.

April 21, 2022 – DRM


Eyes on fire, burning and red,

is it allergy season again?

Or too much screen time,

Work continuing, never ending?

She longs for an overdue escape

Somewhere outdoors, disconnected,

Mountains, lake, or beach, anywhere

Anywhere fresh air can bring relief.

Hopefully a respite arrives soon,

Or she shall go mad in this endless cycle.

April 22, 2022 – DRM

Not Just a Dad

She almost grown now, more adult than child;

I remember you were nervous before she arrived;

But I knew you would be a good dad

Long before she came into your life.

Look at her now, how she has grown.

Sure, she may be a little awkward at times,

But honestly, what teenager isn’t?

So keep on guiding her, and loving her,

And watching her grow into a young lady,

Knowing you’re doing all you can

And that others know you to be

A great father and a good man.

April 23, 2022 – DRM


A little imp frolicked in the forest,

Playing in the babbling stream,

bouncing across the rocky shore,

Not a care in the world on his shoulders.

He flirted with the butterflies,

Batting his big but not bashful eyes,

And danced in the streams of light.

Dance precious little imp, dance,

And enjoy your life ever more.

April 24, 2022 – DRM

Finding Joy

A sweet little fairy drifts along the flowers,

Enjoying the lilies blooming by the lake.

Her doe eyes flutter as she watches birds.

A smile so wide no one could fake.

Streams of light catch in her wings

As she takes flight with the butterflies

She can’t help but start to sing

The deer looks up, pauses and sighs.

Her song just shows so much glee,

But, see, our little sprite is way off key!

April 25, 2022 – DRM


Little wrens take shelter under the eaves,

While the rain drizzles and taps the roof.

The air fills with freshness from new leaves,

While a crisp breeze makes us aloof.

Run out into the rain and start to dance,

Let the drops soak our hair and skin,

Let’s get lost in our own romance,

Let’s be children unaware of original sin.

Let’s bloom again into beautiful flowers,

All the while enjoying spring showers.

April 26, 2022 – DRM

Bad Limerick

There once was a girl from Florida,

Troubleshooting problems with the best-of-dem

They tried to reboot.

Nothing, shoot!

She rolled her eyes and cried lawr-Ee-duh!

April 27, 2022 -DRM


Let your touch linger on my skin longer,

Hold me in your arms, make me stronger,

Cover me with kisses from head to toe,

Carry my name on your tongue just so.

Let’s walk on powdery sands

And explore aspen stands

With our hands interlaced forever more.

April 28, 2022 – DRM


Screaming into the abyss.

But not a sound escapes.

Not an echo to rebound.

A flurry of bees flew out of her throat.

Their buzzing sounds take over.

Covering her ears, filled with clouds.

Heavy Fog filling her brain.

Suffocating, heaving weighted breath.

Fitful sleep, tossing and turning.

Exhaustion runs over.

When will the torture end?

April 29, 2022 – DRM