We pulled off the winding road at a small trail and wandered among the trees towards the sound of a mountain stream. The birds called out from the trees, unafraid of our presence.

Over a small rise, we found the mountain stream. The water flowed over the rocks and boulders. I found a small pathway down to the water’s edge and scrambled down. A larger boulder, smooth, was within reach. I climbed over to it and took a seat.

The streams of the light filtered through the poplar and oaks which surrounded us. The breeze was light and took the edge off the warmth from the sun. The water was cold and refreshing, but I only sprinkled a bit of it on my face, wishing I had on my suit.

Yellow swallowtail butterflies fluttered by, following the stream. They moved faster than I’d ever seen, darting in and out of the sun’s rays. I was lost in watching them for a while, relaxing and forgetting the rest of the world.

Eventually, I drifted back into the real world. It was getting late and time to head on back. But, I’m thankful for the nature break.

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