I wonder what it is like to be physically beautiful.

Perfect eyes, perfect hair, perfect body.

Adored by men and envied by women.

Flawless smile and white teeth.

Porcelain skin, perky and pleasant to see.

That right there would never be me.

My dark brown eyes, lost in commonality,

Thick in the waist and round,

Fighting off but losing to every pound,

Mousy brown hair which never behaves.

I even cried about it on my wedding day.

But now I smile through the doubt

And push aside the self-criticism;

Telling myself beauty is not just skin deep;

I keep working on it day by day,

Making up for what lacks in other ways,

Showing kindness as much as I can,

Hoping to teach and let others shine,

Giving love freely, and controlling judgments.

Looking past my shortcomings

and accepting what is;

Because that is where true beauty lives.