Fat Shamed and Swindled

A cautionary tale

Get everything in writing. Waivers, accommodations, assurances, “that’s a boilerplate waiver”… don’t ever believe it unless you get it in writing.

My husband and I are not little people. God, I wish we were as our trip would be so much more fun. But, we do what we can.

When we signed up for a rafting and snorkeling adventure in January, he called. Sure, sure, we can accommodate you both. Weight won’t be a problem. No worries!

Get names, don’t trust anyone.

Last night, we got a new waiver for our big adventure today. The weight was a problem. I was good to go, but he was not. No refunds, and they couldn’t accommodate us. Essentially, they lied to us when we booked and stole our money.

This was the most expensive of our expeditions planned, and now we sit, fat shamed and swindled. Yes, we are disputing the charges, but it royally ruined our day. I am not naming the company, but the hurt is very real. Nothing we would do today could make up for this disappointment.

We tried to do a botanical garden, but reservations were needed, we drove to a waterfall but it wasn’t right next to the road, we tried to go explore a cave but the road was too rough for the car. The only saving grace…we saw a sea turtle resting on Poipu Beach.

Oh well, we’ll try another adventure tomorrow. Maybe then it will be a better day.