The Stolen Kiss

10 minutes between classes, that was all she had to move between South and North Campus. That was all the time she had.

It was a good 7 minutes from the far corners of school on a good day. Today, she wore heels, so add a minute to climb up the stairs. She knew she needed to move quick to make it in time as she also needed something from her locker. There would be no time for lolly-gagging or chitchat with friends today.

She spied the clock and saw the time. Her books and notebooks were heavy in her Jan-Sport backpack, but safely stowed and bag zipped. The bell rang and she swiftly threw her bag over her shoulder, straightened her skirt and waved a quick bye to her best friend. They’d see each other in an hour, she’d explain then.

Click – clack – click. Her heels struck the cement sidewalk between campuses.

The side door to main campus was crowded with people, so she headed to the back of the building to the outside metal staircase.

Clang! Clang! her heels rang out as she bounded up the stairs.

Three quarters the way there, the top door swung open. She paused, and looked up. Oh, that smile. It melts her heart. She wondered if he knew the effect he had on her. She grabbed the railing a little tighter just to avoid losing her balance.

His light eyes caught her brown eyes and she felt her cheeks turn red. As he approached her, his hand reached for her cheek. He stepped on the same step where she stood and leaned in for a kiss.

The kiss felt like time stopped as they turned on the stairs. His soft lips caressed hers sweetly. Her free hand played with his blond hair as he stepped down a stair to be at the same height as she.

In the distance, they could hear the bell ring, signaling time to get to class. She wasn’t ready for the moment to end, but they both needed to go. As they continued on their ways to the next class, he stole her heart. She was heady with giddiness giving it away to him.

She found her way on up the stairs to the door. She knew she would be late, but it was worth it. Her cheeks were still hot as she slid into her seat and settled in for the next class.

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