Break In – Chapter 5

Carol arrived at the old Smith place just a few minutes after her call with Shana. When she arrived, she observed the door on the house had already been replaced from the break-in just a few nights before. Carol knocked.

Shana flung open the new door. “Thank you for coming so quickly. Come in, come in,” she motioned to Carol. Once Carol came through the door, Shana stuck her head outside, looked around, then swiftly closed the door.

Carol gave it no real thought. She figured Shana was still on edge from recent events. Carol looked around the room; everything was back in place, except the noticeably missing coffee table.

“Sit, please. Would you like some coffee, tea, or water?” Shana inquired as she headed into the adjoining kitchen where a kettle was already whistling.

“Water, please,” Carol responded, craning her neck to see Shana. “So, why did you ask me over?”

That was Carol, always right to the point. she didn’t hold anything back and preferred to cut through all the niceties. It was more efficient that way, except when it didn’t work.

Shana returned from the kitchen with a tea and a tall glass of ice cold water. She set them both on the side table and walked over to the fireplace.

She jiggled out one of the bricks from the fireplace and reached into the opening. “When I came back home once the mystery was solved, I found this,” she revealed as she handed Carol a blue leather journal. “Read it, let me know what you think.”

Carol opened up the book to see beautiful writing, that likely of a woman. Carol looked for a clue on who wrote it.

Shana offered, “From what I could infer, I believe this may be Johanna Smith’s journal. You need to read it, let me know if you think we should turn it over to authorities.”

Carol arched one of her eyebrows, skeptical, but also intrigued. “Can I take it with me? It will take some time to get through it.”

Shana nodded yes. Carol stood and shook her hand. “Thank you for trusting me with this.”

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