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Take a Hike! – Part One

“Why don’t you just go take a hike?!” He shouted at her.

He didn’t know her. Not at all. These words are usually meant to get rid of people. Not inspire them.

Her pursed lips softened and formed into a smile. She didn’t want to work here any more anyway. “Okay, I will!”

She walked back to her desk, shouldered her bag, grabbed her keys and glasses. “I’m outta here!” she proclaimed to her fellow cube mates with no intention of ever returning.

When she arrived home, she pulled out her pack and prepared for a few days with nature. That would revive her tired, overworked soul.

She pulled out some oats and other mix-ins to make some trail mix. She liked hers over the store bought brands. She also found joy in making it herself.

While the granola baked, she pulled up the weather and AllTrails apps to figure out where to go. The mountains were ultimately calling, but she opted to head south, closer to home, to the Everglades, for the weekend. They had an eco-tent available for a few days, so she could forego the tent and sleeping mat. A lighter pack, yay!

She put together her gear and her pack, charged up her camera and phone, and pulled together some portable meals and water for the trip.

Tomorrow will be the start of a new adventure.

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