Coastal Calamity – Part Eight

Riku and Morgen discussed their strategy for addressing the pollution issues impacting the oceans. “Morgen, the Terran’s are causing this. We didn’t have this issue before they settled on our world.”

Morgen pondered the issue in her mind and looked around, “Riku, let’s go for a walk. Let’s have Diana and Jon join us, but have them keep their distance. I need to understand Terrans better.” Morgen needed to observe how they live, she was an analytical creature.

Soon, she and the rest of the group found themselves on the walking path outside the central building. Aurora was bustling with activity. Terrans walked back and forth briskly, some pausing to look into windows, others sitting at outside cafes with others.

As they walked, children holding hands danced and skipped behind their parents. The terrans showed no fear in the city as they moved about. Others carried packages and bags, filled with wares, clothes, and goods.

Morgen leaned over to Riku. “Why do they need all this stuff? And, it seems they don’t actually grow or fish for their own food. They buy it from someone else.”

Riku shook his head. “I’m not sure, but is this what is causing our problems back home?”

Morgen pondered a moment. “Not sure. Let’s keep walking.”

A pungent smell filled the air. Morgen and Riku looked at each other with revolted faces. What is that? They turned down a small pathway behind the nearest cafe. A bin overflowed with spoiled foods and other waste. Morgen looked over the bin, saddened. She’d never seen quite a mess before.

Together they turned around and walked out of the area. They came to a wider path, filled with a variety of vehicles, able to move many terrans at the same time. Smoke billows out of one of them, but the others run clean. Morgen makes a mental note. “Riku, do you think they may already know they have a problem?”

He looked over the vehicles. “Maybe we can sit down with Lynnia and talk to her alone, go over what we see before we approach Edward with our concerns.”

Morgen wasn’t thrilled about getting with Lynnia alone, but Riku had a point. She nodded in the affirmative. “I think we may need to show Lynnia the problem as well. Do we have any ideas how the pollution is moving from here to our home?

Riku shook his head no. “Another mystery to work out. I doubt just Aurora is the source of the problem. There has to be something more than what we see here.”

The team headed back. Jon and Diana caught up to Riku and Lynnia.

Riku looked at them. “Did you all see anything from your perspectives?”

Diana let out a huff. “I just don’t understand terrans at all. They don’t really work to gather their own food, they just buy everything and what they buy is wrapped up and packaged. There is just so much waste. Even their foods are wrapped up. It’s just so, well, odd.”

The team exchanged knowing glances. “Very well. Let’s put our heads together back in our suite. I don’t want to draw too much attention to ourselves.” Riku led the team back to the city center with plans to work up their strategy.

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