Post Pandemic in Sight: Introverts Need Friendships Too

As the vaccination for the pandemic makes its way to every adult arm, I look back over the past 14 months. We still have a few months to go, but we’ve all gone through a tidal wave of emotions and a slew of ever changing guidelines. But, I think to the emotional toll most.

I recall seeing stories from extroverted friends who indicated they were suffering from the isolation. No doubt, this was very real for them. But for us introverts, it actually wasn’t easier! Sure, we craft, read, write, watch TV and the like. But, trust me, we miss socializing, too! Childless introverts even more so from my point of view. This is what prompts me to write this.

See, I’ve missed my friends. I’ve missed my co-workers. I’ve missed conversations with people other than my husband and mother. Now, sure, I’ve picked up the phone now and then, sent cards, and I have zoom meetings with co-workers as well as instant messaging, emails, etc. But, there is just something about connecting one-on-one in real life with people which introverts need just as much as extroverts.

So as the world opens up, and when the masks come off, please don’t forget your introverted friends, the ones you only heard from once in a while throughout this ordeal. They still need you…probably more than you realize.

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