Dusty Roads – Working Title – Part Two

Charlie and Sharon began to lock up the pub for the night. It was a good night for the pub, busy and profitable. Charlie and Sharon toasted to the success and then turned their attentions to reset for the next day.

Sharon worked the floor, cleaning the tables off, turning over the chairs and sweeping the floor. Charlie loved to watch Sharon as she sashayed back and forth with the broom. She had a hidden elegance about her as she danced across the floor while she swept.

Charlie rested his chin on his hand, taking a break from cleaning up behind the bar. Most of the work was done; bottles stowed, glasses cleaned and put away, and the till counted and ready for the safe.

Sharon noticed how quiet it was and turned around. She smiled when she saw his focus on her. Charlie was still sweet on her after all these years. She loved to tease him in these quiet moments. She let the broom slip from her hands, then bent over, flashing him with her cleavage as she retrieved it.

A sly curl of a smile came across his face, his cheeks reddened a bit, then he looked down and started wiping the countertop, hoping she wouldn’t catch him taking a peak. They’ve played this game for years. She looked up before standing back upright and giggled. His face was too cute when he tried to not get caught. He looked back up, the smile still on his face. His light eyes twinkled with humor and lust all at the same time.

“Charlie! What are you looking at?” Sharon joked with him, shifting her hips as she rested her free hand on her waist.

He fumbled with the rag in his hand and chuckled her way. His face suddenly looked 20 years younger as he tilted it sideways and ran his free hand through his hair. That’s the look she fell in love with. Sharon set the broom aside and walked behind the bar, taking Charlie by the hand and leading him upstairs to their one bedroom loft above the bar.

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