Toiling Everlasting

Exhaustion creeps through her muscles and bones. Hours upon hours of work atop disrupted sleep. Driving home still needs to happen once this is all done, but when is the question.

So she sits patiently, waiting, among the beeps, chimes, and grind of gears. Another hour, and another hour ticks by. Who knows how many more hours to go…

The highways are crowded in this tourist town and she has many miles and a couple hours to go to escape. First she has to escape the job though and that seems to be hours away still.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Eyes are heavy, head is already pounding from a two day old headache. She needs a break, she needs back-up, she needs some food. She needs to breathe. No relief in sight. Hopefully she makes it home sometime tonight.

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