Alexandria – Part One

Princess Alexandria surveyed her father’s kingdom from her balcony. She gracefully glided across the floor, her crepe purple and champagne gown flowing behind her. Her hands interlaced before her as her wheat colored hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her tiara of amethyst and diamonds, fashioned with beautiful interwoven swirls of champagne gold, wrapped across her forehead.

Alexandria was the next in line for the throne. Her mother, Queen Elena, and her father, King Zachary, worked to ensure she had the best education and would be prepared for the challenges which lay before her. At only 15, she was trained in parliamentary procedures, a polyglot, and had a strong grasp of economics and business. Her heart was charitable and kind as well, knowing that she would serve the people, they were not her subjects but rather she was theirs.

However, on days like today, her crown sat heavy on her head. She longed at times just to be a teenager, having fun and enjoying life like others her age. She wondered if her life as the Princess would even be fulfilling enough for her. She had much work to do, but, what about her own dreams and desires?

Her gaze returned to the kingdom before her. To the east, the plains housed the farms which provided food for all. To the west, majestic snow capped mountains rose above the tree line, filled with adventure and forming a natural line of defense from the bitter winter weather which comes their way every fourth season.

“Alexandria,” a voice called her from behind, “Your father, King Zachary, requests your presence.”

Alexandria turned to see a page, a small man barely five-foot-two, standing in the archway. He bowed his head in her direction.

“Thank you. Does father wish to see me in the throne room?”

“Milady, he requests your presence in the garden,” his voice trembled with nervousness.

“Very well. May I ask your name?”

The page quaked a little. He thought he might have broke some form of decorum, and stuttered his name, “Ma’am, I am known as James.”

Alexandria smiled. “Thank you, James.” She began walking towards him. She softly placed her hand on his arm as she passed. “I am very pleased to meet you.” With those words, she passed the kindest smile at James, hoping his nerves would calm.

James nodded at her, “Nice to meet you as well.” He sighed and let out his breath which he had unknowingly been holding. His nerves settled.

Alexandria had this unflinching ability to make everyone in her presence at ease. “I’m off to see father.” She nodded as she floated down the hall, full of grace.

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