Scar Tissue

The suspected stalker accused the stalked.

The stalked never accused. Had she crossed the line, trying to find the truth? Or did she reveal her hand of her suspicions?

Was he innocent and honest with his own concern? Not a part of it at all? Or was he only deflecting, realizing what she suspected?

She never wants to walk away from him; she knew his dark side from before and accepted it. There was so much light that the dark would disappear.

But, he brought up concerns of violence, something she would never be capable of. If it were him, was he capable of it now?

Her nightmare returned; one from years ago. The burning sensation of a bullet piercing her heart through her back as she protected her husband at the door. The pain was too real.

It scared her, to a point she couldn’t handle. Others need to be safe if he were to ever rage against her. She used to be able to handle it. Together, they could find their way back to sanity. Now, she wasn’t so sure.

Her mind is at attention, no longer in dreamland of what might have been. She has her present and future to protect.

Space and time. It’s what he asked for; it’s what she will give.

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