Alexandria – Part Three

“It is done.” King Zachary’s voice was resigned. He hated sending his daughter away, but was thankful they had time to get her to a safe location.

“Zack,” Queen Elena gently spoke, placing her hand on his heart, “It’s what we must do. My only hope is she arrives safe and news does not reach there until everything is over.” Queen Elena turned around and faced the fireplace in their bed chamber. Her frail fingers rubbed the satin sleeves of her navy gown. “My hope is that this will be done quick so when Alexandria returns, she has minimal disruption during the transition.” Her eyes turned red. “You promise to take care of her, my dear?” Her tears began to flow, falling to the stone floor below as her hands moved to cradle her own head.

King Zachary walked up behind his beloved, embracing her from behind and holding her tightly to him. His burden was great. His love would soon be gone from the kingdom, gone from his life. She willingly was leaving, to save the kingdom and her family. Softly, he kissed her upswept brown hair. It smelled of lavender and vanilla, just like the tea she loved so much.

“Do you think I should tell her?” Elena turned to face him, still wrapped in his embrace.

He wiped the tears from her blushed cheeks, and hung his head. “No, I don’t think so. I will explain it to her in time. Let’s enjoy tomorrow with her and let her carry those happy moments forward.” He softly kissed his wife, his queen, on the lips. They embraced a few moments more. “Dinner will be soon. I will need to meet with Thomas and William afterward to ensure they understand the gravity of the situation for this trip.”

Elena stepped back, and wiped her face clear of the tears, sniffling, but regaining her composure. “Yes, my King. I understand.”

From behind them, a knock on the chamber door echoed through the room. “Come!” King Zachary bellowed, stepping in front of Elena as she straightened her hair and dress.

Page James entered the room. “King Zachary, Sir Thomas, Lord William and Lady Victoria have all arrived. They are awaiting in the library.”

King Zachary nodded his head. “Thank you, James. Please let them know we will be down momentarily.”

James nodded his head and snapped into a turn, exiting the room and closing the door behind.

Queen Elena looked over at Zack and forced a smile. “Shall we?”

He offered his hand to her and escorted her to see their guests.

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