Eye of the Storm – Part Two

The storm continued to rage. Mikaela stares at this man lying in her foyer. She saw the blood dripping down his forehead. She ran to the bathroom and grabbed a couple towels and the first aid kit. As she returned, she rolled up the towel and rolled the man on his back, resting his head atop the towel.

She kneeled down beside him, trying to see through the dark. The ambient flashes of light from the storm let her find where to blot up the blood and help him as much as she could in the dark. She couldn’t move him on her own, but she tried to comfort him.

In the distance, the storm began to roll away. Slowly the hum of electricity returned and the lights came back on. She looked over the man. He was still out from being knocked on the head. She didn’t know him, at least she had no memory of him. It wasn’t a neighbor, a friend, or anyone she could recall.

He was a tall man, lanky in form, and he had a kind face. His hair was a pale wheat, but it appeared to be dyed that color from something much darker. He was much younger, probably in his mid-twenties if Mikaela were to guess. He was dressed in hiking clothes and boots. He started to regain consciousness, and his eyelids began to flutter. Slowly, he opened his eyes, revealing the most amazing violet and blue streaked eyes.

Mikaela’s jaw dropped. She knew those eyes, but not this man. She slowly stood up and stepped away from him, unsure of what she should do. His eyes opened finally and he raised his head slightly looking about. When he spotted Mikaela, his eyes locked with hers.

“Mike, is that you?”

Only one person ever called her Mike. Miki, maybe, but not Mike. Just him. Her face turned to stone. “Who sent you? Why are you calling me Mike?”

Slowly the man sat up on the floor, turning toward her. “I mean you no harm. I am only a bearer of a message. I was told to come here and ask for Mike. I thought I was looking for a man.”

She took in a breath and composed herself. “Why are you here?” She needed an explanation from the man with the violet eyes. Her mind was disturbed. Was she being called back, after all this time? Had something happened? Was something wrong?

The man started to get up from the floor. “May I take a seat? I’m Frank by the way.”

Mikaela motioned to a chair and took a seat on the opposite side of the room, keeping her distance. “Frank, I don’t understand. How do you know the name Mike? Please, state your business.”

Frank began to dig in his pockets and pulled out a small box. “I am to deliver this. The storm caught me unaware; it has been a long journey.” Frank looked toward the floor, then looked up with sad eyes. “I’m sorry by the way.”

Mikaela’s heart sank. Nothing good comes from sorry. She trembled and walked over to her visitor, then took the box from his hand. His free hand briefly lifted and brushed her other hand. When he touched her, a shock went through her system, throwing her backward. She fell onto the couch behind her, knocked unconscious.

Frank stood up and looked over her. “I’m really sorry.” A tear fell from his eye and landed on her cheek. He walked out to the kitchen, then topped off the cats bowls, making sure they had food and water for a few days, then he returned to the living room. He pulled the box from Mikaela’s hand which was still grasping it, took out the emerald and gold ring, then placed it on her right pinky, covering the invisible tattoo encircling her finger. The tattoo began to glow as the ring slid on her finger.

Frank walked through Mikaela’s home, observing her photos and memorabilia of her life. He gathered a few items and packed them away into a bag. He knew how it felt to be called back; he hoped he would make Mikaela’s transition smoother.

Mikaela’s cats came out of hiding and quickly warmed up to Frank. He kneeled down and pet them on their heads, then whispered, “Don’t worry little ones. This won’t take long. I will send someone for you in a few days. You’ll be back with Mike before you know it.”

With that, Frank stood up, turned and placed his pack on his back. He scooped up Mikaela into his arms, and walked out the door, then secured it behind him. The storm began to rage once more as he took her into the night.

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