Overnight Work

Mikaela grabbed her brush pen and started writing the alphabet. She normally would be working; actually she was working. But her computer was tied up running the latest in a series of queries and needed all the CPU she could give it, so it was back to pen and paper while it runs.

Scrollwork and flourishes came from her pen, but nothing looked right. She was stressed and exhausted, and it showed through her tight grip on the pen and the heavy pressure she forced on the nib. Frustration soon came, so she paused, looked back at her computer. Still running.

She found her way into the kitchen for some tea. That always made her take a moment to breathe. Work had become overwhelming as of late, interrupted sleep, working nights and weekends, and never getting things done was getting old. Another cog in the wheel is what she’d become.

She opened the package of Teavana and brought it close to her nose. Ahh, the smell of earl grey creme. She pulled out a sachet, then place the package back on the counter and pulled a small mug from the cupboard to start the ritual. Drop the tea bag in, wrap the label around the mug, and turn on the kettle to boil. When the kettle began to sing, she poured it over the bag and allowed it to steep. While it steeped, she tried to relax her shoulders and neck. 4 AM work was for the birds! Finally the timer went off indicating her tea had brewed.

She added brown sugar and sweetened condensed milk…her island style London Fog. She lifted the cup to her lips for a drink. It was warm and soothing. She inhaled the aromas of lavender, citrus, and vanilla, and exhaled some of her angst. Slowly she made her way back to her computer, cradling the warm mug in her hands.

A quick glance at her computer, still running. She sat back down, sipped from her mug and held her head up with her free hand. Early mornings were quiet and at least she had the ability to work remote these days. She put her paper and pen aside and pulled out her phone.

Mikaela flipped through Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, still glancing up at her computer periodically. This query usually takes 20 minutes, it should be done at any minute. A few photos bring her smiles, her friends with their kids, silly posts from her cousins from yesterday. At least she doesn’t really have to think this early.

She checked back in on her computer. Still chugging along. Another sip of tea and another pin to her dream home board. She doesn’t want much, not a mansion on a secluded island, just something simple and welcoming, easy to take care of and comfortable in pretty surroundings.

She takes another sip of tea and looks up. The screen on her computer flickers, and there are the results. Time to get back to work. She set her phone and tea aside. The sooner she’s done, the sooner she’s back in bed.

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