Acushla Bound – Part Twelve

The snow started falling outside the window as Mikaela and Kester lay wrapped in each other’s arms. They enjoyed the silence with each other. They spent most of the rest of the day, and night, in bed.

In the morning, Mikaela snuck out of bed. Kester stayed soundly asleep. Rex climbed up into the bed and snuggled with his master.

Mikaela made her way outside to the chicken coop and gathered the eggs. The snow had stopped falling overnight and the skies were a brilliant blue with white cirrus clouds. She loved mornings like this.

Mikaela did a few more things then returned to the cottage. She mixed up some biscuits and set them to bake over the fire, hoping they didn’t get too dark being over the heat of the fire. She then whipped up the eggs and found some ham to slice. She hoped she would surprise Kester with a nice breakfast.

As she worked in the kitchen area, Kester couldn’t help but hear the commotion. Mikaela tried to be quiet, but was unsuccessful. Kester quietly walked in to the kitchen and behind Mikaela, kissing her on the neck. “Everything okay, here?” He whispered into her ear.

She giggled and smiled. “It’s not like cooking There.” She was trying to loosen up an egg she had cooked.

“Here, you will need to use more butter. It will stop it from sticking. You’ll get the hang of it.” With that he pecked her on the cheek and stepped back, leaning on the chair by the fireplace, watching Mikaela work on breakfast. He smiled to himself.

“Sit down. I will have breakfast ready in a minute.” Mikaela used more butter and cooked up two more eggs. She grinned when she pulled out the biscuits; at least one thing cooked up right. She plated everything up and served breakfast.

Kester looked over the meal. He picked up a biscuit and took a bite. Mikaela anxiously looked at him, wondering if she cooked them as well as back There.

“Best biscuit I’ve had outside of Oklahoma!”

Oklahoma? Mikaela thought to herself, Well, at least they came out edible. She took a biscuit and built a breakfast sandwich, drizzled a little honey on it, and joined him to eat.

“So, it’s a beautiful day. Could you show me around some?” Mikaela asked as they ate.

Kester looked outside. “Wow, it actually is. We probably shouldn’t go too far should the weather turn, but definitely. Let’s get out for a bit.”

They finished up breakfast and cleaned up. Kester found another coat, more suitable for Mikaela than a blanket, to wear. “Here, try this on. It may be a little long.”

The leather coat was lined with wool and was warm. “It’s perfect.” It actually hung down to Mikaela’s calves, but she didn’t mind.

“If the weather holds out for a few days, we can go onto town and get you some warmer clothes. How’s that sound?”

Mikaela smiled and nodded. “Right now, show me around, okay?”

They headed outside and walked along the stream which ran along the edge of Kester’s property. The sun had melted some of the snow, and the water babbled over the iced areas and rocks.

A small flower popped up in the snow. Mikaela kneeled down and admired it. It’s bright color was striking against the white snow.

Kester looked back. “Those only grow Here. I never saw one like it back There.”

“It’s beautiful!” Mikaela stood back up and caught up with Kester, slipping her hand into his as they walked on. Kester just smiled.

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