Active Shooter

Another active shooter situation.

I can’t help but wonder, were there any signs? What drives someone to such levels of violence? Anger, desperation, depression? These alone cannot explain the ramping up of frequency of these events. There has to be something more, doesn’t there?

Is there really a ramp up, or an increased focus on reporting every work place, public areas, and school shooting in every location country and even world wide? I don’t know the answer.

Now, employers set up and employees have to go through Active Shooter training, so we can save our own lives, and perhaps others, as if these situations are now common place. No wonder so many people are scared and frightened these days.

We detach from others so they may not end up a victim by someone they know. Maybe this is the wrong approach, but I don’t know.

Some ramp up owning guns “for self defense” while others refuse to have guns in their home. I’m not sure if either option is a viable answer.

All of this just makes me sad and wonder…will it ever get better? Will we ever find real answers? I just don’t know.

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