A beautiful girl stands at the window looking out to the garden beyond. Raindrops roll down the window as the rain stops. She raises the window and the curtains catch in the breeze; the smell of flowers permeate their room. The dark clouds slowly give way to the sun and the flowers glisten in the light.

She sighs a deep sigh as she looks to her left. Her little sister, still so small, sleeps peacefully. She tortured her sister growing up, teasing her endlessly. But now she is faced with the future and needs to mature. That doesn’t mean she won’t pick and joke any more, but she’s learned, she also needs to keep an eye out for her little sister too…oh, the benefits and responsibilities of being the first born.

Soon she might be able to date boys, when her dad and mom let her. Shh, don’t tell them, but she’s had her first kiss. She will need lots of room to grow; hopefully her parents remember being teens.

She also feels she needs to achieve…she’s a smart one and creative too. She wonders how high school will be different from her old school…especially after the roller coaster ride the pandemic had on her education.

Her body is changing; she’s rocketed up to over five-foot-eight, so much taller than she ever expected. She’s changing from a girl to a young lady. She’s still learning how to move and dress in this new figure of hers. Her hair hangs straight and long. She wonders if she should change it, but that can wait for now. There’s still an innocent young girl there, staring back at her in the mirror.

Summer is escaping quickly, and fall will arrive soon. So much growth and change is on its way. But for now, she enjoys what is left of summer and keeps on being a kid for just a bit more. She returns to the window and rests her head in her hand. The curtains flutter around her. Growing up can wait.

Dedicated to my friends with firstborn girls, and all the drama that comes along as they grow up.

Inspired by a poem from Mitchel David Ring: https://thelightison.blog/2021/06/29/firstborn/. Thank you for the inspiration! ~ DRM

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