My mind drifts back to a time when

Innocence and new love ruled.

The scars were few,

you gently explored them

with your touch and with your kiss.

I only had two back then, but now there are more.

Would you explore them and show me

That gentleness once again?

The one on my knee has turned to many

The white scars glare when I am tan.

The small one on my bicep, something benign.

My elbow scarred from falling to the pavement.

Would you be gentle to them?

The stretch marks that cover me,

Where depression and weight took their toll.

The three inch scar at my bikini line,

Removing the reason for no children.

Only to end at my first scar,

behind my upper lip from

when I fell as a child.

Would you care, would you be kind?

Would you explore my scars with your gentleness again?

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