The little girl waddled up the snow pile, protected from head to toe.

Her snowsuit was thick, making it hard to bend her arms and legs.

Her little red disk bounced against the snow as she drug it up the hill.

She reached the top, ready to head down, seeking a fun little thrill.

Her dad hollered from below, make sure you stay in the snow.

The divots were slick and iced over, more for the older kids.

She sat down on the red disk and pushed herself off.

Holding on tight, she skidded down. The ride was a little rough.

But she finished it and said she wanted to go again.

So she waddled up the hill and prepared herself once more.

She started herself off in the powdery white snow,

But veered off course, gripping tight her handles, oh no!

She slid into a divot, iced over and hard,

The sled bucked into the air and crashed down,

Then rocketed off super fast and broke free,

Only finally stopping when it hit a tree.

You’re okay, you’re okay her father screamed,

Half reassuring himself, half scared out of his wits.

She giggled, all was okay from head to toe.

But the sled broke, no longer fit for snow.

Another installment for my Christmas in July. Hope you enjoyed it!

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