New Year’s Kiss

4…3…2…1! Happy New Year!

The Christmas tree stood still lit in her family’s living room. The smell of pine, steaks, and potatoes wafted through the air. It was the start of a new year.

A knock came from the front door. Her dad called for her. “Someone’s here to see you!” Dad smiled, he was pleased for some reason.

She didn’t expect anyone to stop by, especially around midnight. However, she smiled when she saw his familiar face on the other side of the screen. She was always happy to see him, even though they were only friends now.

He stepped back, motioning her to come outside. She followed him in her socked feet. It was a beautiful night, a perfect way to start the new year. She wondered why he was here; surely he should be with his girlfriend. Maybe he’d already seen her. Maybe he was headed there next. She didn’t know, and she realized she didn’t really care. He was here, now.

He rested back on a vehicle in the drive, and they talked a little. Then he stood up, he caressed her cheek, and he leaned in. She’d missed his lips on hers, but the world began to spin.

Memories flowed back along with her hopes and dreams she’d tried so hard to push to the back of her mind. She should have stepped back, but her heart wouldn’t let her. She kissed him back instead.

When the moment ended, they stood there and he hugged her tight. She looked up at him, their eyes locked, and more was exchanged in that moment than could ever be expressed through words.

Slowly, he let her go, walked to his truck, then drove away. Her mind still reeling, she floated back inside and off to bed.

She never forgot that moment. It would bring her happy tears even in the most trying times. It reminded her she was loved.

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