She had a vision, a thought of beauty.

Slowly, she worked on her canvas,

Not very skilled at holding a brush

it would never bring in a dime,

But she had a vision she needed out.

So she painted the background,

Trying to get the colors right

Should it be light or dark sands?

Then she showed it to him,

He was supportive and kind

So she continued to push forward,

Adding a figure upon the sand,

To be dressed in gauzy white

“Give her big boobs!”

It started to spiral, he was no longer sincere.

She worked on, adding the dress, the face,

The shading and brown locks on her head.

She was close to done,

knowing finishing touches were next

told him about adding her hair,

And he turned it vulgar once more.

Her face saddened, the spirit she had

For the work disappeared in that instant.

Deflated, she let the canvas dry,

Packed up the paints, and put them away.

Other things needed her attention anyway.

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