Nerves Unnecessary

She checked the time as she rocketed down the backroads to the local airport. Dressed in a business suit, nerves on edge. Not only was she meeting the new Vice President of their department, but also flying on the corporate jet.

Never would she expect to be here. She was excited, but also bewildered. It makes sense for her to visit their business partner; she was taking the place of her manager due to a scheduling conflict. But, on the jet?

She walked into the hangar office and greeted the managers and team she often interacted with. It was hot in the business suit. Others had taken off their coats and were relaxed. She followed their lead.

They bantered about the trip and set expectations in the lobby, waiting for the flight crew and their fearless leader to arrive. Their flight was to take off around the time of sunrise.

A man walked in with no fanfare, but he commanded attention. Dressed in jeans…jeans!… and a sports coat, he introduced himself to her. This was the VP!

Suddenly, she felt overdressed, but sighed a breath of relief. She knows people are people, all that, but her nerves had put her on edge.

The flight crew received word he had arrived and came out to greet the team. They led the way to the Lear jet. It was beautiful, appointed with leather seats, and comfortable. Take off was amazing; a once or twice in a lifetime event.

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