The Hat

He knocked on her door. He promised her a night out on the town, dinner and a concert, and he was on time.

He smoothed his short hair, straightened his shirt, and tried to figure out where to place his hands. In his pockets, dangling loose, maybe looped through his belt loops. 

She looked out the peephole and watched him fidget. She smiled. He was cute when he was nervous, but, really, he had no reason to be. She straightened her hair and opened the door, showing him a big grin.

That grin made him smile, and forget his nervousness. She showed him in to her place.

“I just need a minute more. I’m almost ready,” she cooed as she walked down the hall.

He took note of what she was wearing as she walked back into her bedroom…jeans with a not quite sheer white blouse, leather belt, and her stockinged feet. Her makeup was done in a very natural way; he liked that about her. Nothing too showy, just soft and sweet.

When she re-emerged from her room, she had the finishing touches perfect for a country song, leather boots, simple earrings, a long necklace, and a burgundy and brown leather hat, straight from Wyoming. 

He almost didn’t want to take her out tonight. He was ready to stay right there and dance the night away in her living room, preferably naked, except that hat. But, he knew that wouldn’t do. 

“Ready,” she announced. She caught him in a half-stare; his mind obviously wandering. Her voice brought him back to the moment. 

He cleared his throat. “Great, let’s go.” He opened the door for her and they walked out. She locked up, and they were off to dinner.

Over dinner, they talked about themselves and had some time to get to know each other better. They shared stories about past concerts, college life, and the years after, just like old friends. 

He watched her throughout the meal. Her necklace hung down outlining her cleavage before disappearing under her blouse. The lace in her bra was just barely visible through her blouse when the light hit her just so. 

She was watching him too, although she tried to hide it. She noticed the little crinkles around his eyes when he laughed. They made him looked more mature. His smile was just a little crooked, making her bite her lower lip, knowing she wanted to kiss his lips.

They both could have headed back to either of their places right then and there after dinner, both were willing, but didn’t say anything to the other. He held her hand as they walked out of the restaurant. 

“Concert?” He questioned. They had great seats, but she looked at him with wanting in her eyes, but not for the concert. They stopped next to his car and she looked at him. In that moment, he knew. “Home?”

She reached up to him, and pulled him to her. Their lips met. He wrapped his arms around her and enjoyed the moment.

“Home,” he stated this time, and opened the door for her to get in. He rushed around to the driver’s side, slid in and started the car.

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