Flames dance in the night, the smell of campfire fills their noses. Sitting in their chairs, they relax enjoying the cool air. The hoot of a great horned owl echoes through the trees, while the occasional acorn falls from the oak trees above them.

One smacks her on the top of her head and she grimaces. A rustle from the brush near by followed by the crack of twigs under foot. They look up, surprised. They hadn’t heard a soul for hours.

She turns and looks behind her after noticing her friend’s eyes grow wide. As she turns, some wild animal runs into the safety of the forest.

She looks back at her friend. “What did you see?”

Her friend is frozen stiff, unable to respond. Her eyes are still fixed on the spot behind her.

Slowly she stands from her seat, her mug in her hand and turns. The cup falls from her grasp and drops, clanging to the ground, spilling its contents. Her mouth falls open as she’s face to face with a figure in the shadow, her shadow.

Its eyes stare at her piercingly. An evil grin spreads across its face as it approaches. As it nears, she moves, allowing the firelight to light its face. It doesn’t flinch from the light. The creature isn’t nearly as frightening as she thought it would be; she pauses, mesmerized.

Behind her, her friend begins screaming uncontrollably, but she doesn’t move any further. As it nears her, she begins to recognize masculine features, familiar, through its paled translucent skin. It says her name, somehow knowing it, or perhaps he has entranced her with a spell.

Her fear dissipates as she almost longs for him to come closer while her heart beats wildly. She shakes in anticipation. Her eyes break from his and float up to the sky. Her friend runs off into the forest. She arches back her neck and stares to the full moon above. Her collarbone and the crook of her neck glow in the moon’s rays.

He bites, she exhales. The stars and moon are surrounded by a mystical glow as the world begins to spin. He feasts. She awakes.

Inspired by a writing prompt from Lady Jabberwocky: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/101036891/posts/3610967389

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