Just a Slice

I see it in my mind, our little place away from the hustle of any big city.

It’s quiet here, especially at night when we look up to the stars from the small firepit you built by hand. I love sitting in our Adirondack chairs, watching the skies, as you hold my hand. Bundled in light sweaters, we sit in awe of how small we really are and how large the world truly is. We sit in awe of how we found each other once again in this big world.

When we walk back in, the fireplace greets us with warmth and dancing light. Our home is cozy and warm. A fluffy throw and a handmade quilt are strewn about our living room where we cuddle and relax. You love it when I walk out of the bedroom wrapped in that quilt, and nothing else, then nuzzle in next to you as we spend the day together not doing much of anything at all.

One wall is adorned with a large piece of aged wood, a fallen branch from a tree we found together. We had so much fun trying to get it home; it almost didn’t make it, it was bigger than the car, even with the back seats down. We had to leave the trunk open and protect it with blankets, hoping the gate wouldn’t shut down and snap it all the way home.

The dining room is on the other side; the large wooden table sits there, space for us and the girls and some more family should they ever come to visit. One side is a bench, and wood chairs with a simple X back surround the rest of the table. We put little candles along the center and we light them during our Saturday night dinners. I love looking into your eyes as the flames flickers and they sparkle.

On those nights, inevitably you lead me down the hall. Sometimes you stop and push me to the wall, looking at me intently and knowing I’m yours. Other nights are more gentle and sweet. You always seem to know what to do, and I still follow your lead, except on the rare occasions I decide to take control. Oh, you love those nights in our bed in the room down the hall, us wrapped up in our sheets, pillows askew, feet entwined.

But tonight, when we come in, we are greeted by two smiling faces, lit up by phone screens. I love when they visit. I wish I had given them to you, but grateful every day she did. I head to our little kitchen and smile as I hear their chuckles as you settle in and catch up on their lives. It warms my heart.

Their room has two twin beds and is across from the guest bath. It’s a simple room, but I hope they like it. Perhaps one day they’ll help me redecorate it to their own liking, I muse to myself. Aw, who am I kidding, we’ll have to give one the other spare room one day and split them up, it won’t be soon before one brings home a boyfriend, maybe a husband, or, gulp, maybe grandkids!

I slice a few pieces of homemade chocolate cake and plate them up, then return to the living room. You told me chocolate bribes work well; I just hope they appreciate it. I settle in on the side chair as you put on a new remake of another 80s movie to watch for the evening. The girls groan for a moment, but settle in and dig in to the chocolate cake. We look at each other and chuckle.

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