They DO Exist!

I saw a gentleman today…

I didn’t know they still existed!

Men can be kind and good

without being a gentleman.

But today, I saw a gentleman.

He drove a sporty little car,

With a funny license plate frame.

I saw him park. He backed into the spot.

He and his companion got out and left.

I didn’t pay much mind at the time.

Other things like, waiting on a tow,

Occupied my thoughts instead.

A little while later, they returned.

That’s when I noticed,

he walked around the car.

He looked over his companion’s shoulder,

Then it happened. He opened the door for her.

It’s a small gesture, I know,

one I haven’t seen in a very long time.

It made me smile though,

Bringing back thoughts of Dad,

How he’d get the door for Mom

Without fail. I thought it was out of vogue.

I was wrong, pleasantly wrong.

I saw a gentleman today.

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