Soul Stealer

She crawled across the sofa as he relaxed in his seat. Her hair fell over to one side as she sighed and smiled. He lowered his book and looked her way. She looked 10 years younger; he was amazed. A little hair color does wonders. Her dark brown eyes fluttered as she closed in, one of her hands rested on his thigh. Her shirt hung away from her body, not hiding anything from view.

He smiled, then he saw her bewitching look. His eyes locked onto hers. Those dark brown eyes had so much depth; he could easily get lost in them. She blinked once, then he felt it. His soul came pouring out from his blue eyes. She continued to drain him, but he didn’t care. She had him mesmerized, so it continued until he finally spoke.

“Stop, you’re stealing my soul.” He blinked, breaking the trance.

She sat back on her own legs. Foiled again.

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