Peace of Christmas

Brown sparkling eyes looked across the coffee table in delight. Candies and cookies, all within arm’s reach, called her name. She snuck a peanut butter kiss, and bit into it. The large kiss broke apart, but she didn’t care. She quickly caught the bits and popped them in her mouth. She bobbled off toward the tree, flopped down, and finished her treat.

Her mother caught the whole thing, but instead of scolding her daughter, she just smiled. No harm and, besides, it was Christmas Eve. The little girl sang along with the carols playing on the stereo as she looked over the sparkling lights and the colorful ornaments on the tree. The evening was growing late and the little girl’s eyes grew heavy, but she resisted going to bed.

She curled up on the carpet, already dressed in her pajamas. She tucked an arm under her head as her singing turned to humming. Slowly, she grew silent and her eyes closed. She began to dream of twinkling lights, sprites dancing about, and happiness all around.

Her mom picked up a throw and covered her, letting her sleep there on the floor. She softly stroked her daughter’s curly brown hair and grinned to herself. Christmas peace had fallen over their little household.

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