Her eyes cleared. She realized the enormity resting on his shoulders, the great responsibility he had undertaken. Journeying into parenthood was something so many around her had done; but she was at a loss. It was a skill, and a joy, that she never experienced.

Suddenly, she stopped, unable to help. Painfully aware at just how undeveloped she was in this very area of life. Willing to listen, to be patient, to be a sounding board would be the best that she could do. However, she didn’t have answers.

How do parents battle the force of peer pressure? Help to mold their children into the best version of themselves? It definitely wasn’t easy; she had seen that with nieces and nephews and friends kids. How do they do it?

She hoped he would confide and find her a kind and willing ear as he worked through the growing pains. She hoped she could help give him patience in the chaos.

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