She walked in and saw his face. It was sullen. “Hey, you okay?”

He shrugged and looked at his toes. It wasn’t like him. But, he had these moments from time to time.

She set down the phone in her hand and scrunched up her face. “Tell me, what’s up?”

He was leaning against the counter, and his slouch set his face just a few inches above hers.

He muttered something under his voice, but she couldn’t hear. She stepped closer and closer in small steps. When her toes touched his, he finally looked up.

“What are you doing?” He snipped.

She looked at him, tilted her head, and stuck out her tongue.

He scoffed and started to push her back. “Are you trying to make me…”

She giggled a moment and stepped back. Then she made another silly face.

His scoff finally broke into a small smile.

She cheered and took a victory pose. “Yes! I knew it was still there.”

He splayed a hand across his face and rolled his eyes. Then he stood up and pulled her into a full on body hug. “Thank you!”

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