The Goddess

Wisps of lightness escape through her fingers

As she lifts her hands to the sky,

An ethereal light glimmers about her,

As onlookers pause and give a collective sigh.

Her presence brings a brilliant glow,

It shines up above as well as below.

The onlookers hesitate at her power,

Expecting demands they bend to her will.

She sees their fear, and her light dims,

A single tear rolls down her cheek

And falls onto the cobblestone road.

Soon, a diminutive flower sprouts up,

New life full of beauty divine.

A small girl from the crowd steps out,

Just out of reach from her mother.

She looks up and smiles, then wanders over,

As the flowering plants grows.

Her small voice squeals in joy, So Pretty!

The goddess smiles and kneels,

Looking over the child in her tattered dress.

She extends her finger and glowing magic encircles the girl.

Her mother gasps, still fearing the worst,

As the aqua and pink rays spin then fall away.

The child twirls, giddy in her new frock,

Then returns to her mother’s arms.

I mean you no harm, only to help.

Will you let me stay?

The crowd mumbles among themselves

While the goddess looks at them behind pleading violet eyes.

Her shoulders soften and her raven hair settles on her shoulders.

A stocky man steps forward and nods,

All are welcome who mean no harm.

Now, please, join us for some mead!

The goddess smiles and follows his lead

Leaving behind a trail of green grasses

And beautiful flowers in her wake.

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