Winter in FLA

A crisp day befalls our little corner of the world,

Out come the sweaters and scarves,

Some even don light winter coats.

We know we look silly to all those tourists,

The ones wearing shorts and flip flops

Amazed at such a beautiful winter’s day.

I enjoy these days, my northern blood agrees,

A light sweater however I still need ,

After years of being surrounded by palm trees.

Stay warm Florida!

3 thoughts on “Winter in FLA

  1. With the wind chill it’s 17 degrees in Chicago. We dream of the weather in Florida, although, I just cam in from walking and it was nice outside. Unfortunately, it’s gray and dark. But still, a nice day. A light sweater…lol I’m waiting for the snow to melt off the driveway. 🙂 You’re in the right place.

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