Politics As Usual

Eyes glared at the television,

An exhausted sigh escaped her lips.

We’ve allowed this to happen,

The constant stalemate and bickering.

We as in a collective, accepting less,

Allowing voting by party lines, the split;

No longer caring about right, best, fair.

Rolling eyes, disdain, our power is small,

What’s it going to take to break down the wall?

One thought on “Politics As Usual

  1. Our power isn’t small it’s gone. And I agree. We allow this to happen. If we don’t stand p for what’s right, we have no one to blame but ourselves for this horrific things that keep happening to us, things we know nothing about, until it’s too late. We are only ALLOWED to have what is GIVEN to us by the people who have taken over the government. It started a long time ago and we just kept pretending everything was okay, when it wasn’t. I think things are going to get a LOT worse. It makes me tired. I think we are going to have a huge rebellion or a civil war, when the next election comes along. I hope I’m wrong.


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