Dressed in White

It hung from her mirrored closet doors. She sat on the bed, blowing on her just painted nails as she looked it over. It was one of the most expensive dresses she had ever owned. The white crepe floated gracefully from the hanger; the light fabric lined with supple satin. The short-sleeved beauty was finished with a round neck bejeweled with gold adornments.

She fixed her dark hair and makeup, then unzipped the dress and slid it over her head, careful not to get any foundation on the neck. The dress hit her just at the knee, modest but showed off her legs. She stuck her head out of her room to the hall where her mom paced.

Her mom had a small tear in her eye as her daughter opened the door. She motioned for her to turn around and zipped her up. She turned around again, and her mother smiled and called out, “She’s ready.” Her father rounded the corner, beaming with pride. His daughter was all grown up and ready for the next steps in her life.

The house was abuzz with her grandmother, an aunt, uncle and cousin, and her eldest sister, too. They oohed and ahh-ed at her as she stepped out. She blushed from all the attention. Father looked at his watch, “Time to go.”

She took a deep breath as she slid her feet into her white heeled shoes. Today would be filled with so much emotion, mostly happiness. Her gown hung in the family car as she slid in the back. The family had to take three cars to the ceremony, so they piled in and headed toward the venue.

As they arrived, what seemed like thousands of people milled around. Her father helped her into her gown and her mother placed her stole around her neck. It was the day she’d say goodbye to this phase in her life. It was the day she’d say hello to the future. It was the day she’d cry, not wanting to ever say goodbye. It was the day she’d celebrate.

Graduation day.

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