Fly Me to the Moon – Part Five

Jon and Mikaela walked out of the lift on Deck Three. She smiled when they walked out into the atrium, but then sighed and looked at Jon. “It isn’t anything like home, is it Jon?”

He looked ahead and shook his head, “It’s definitely something different.” He chuckled to himself. “But different can be good, I guess.”

“Well, hopefully you like different food. We definitely have some unique meals here on the station.” She guided him over to a glistening silver and white box with a touchscreen. The screen flashed an assortment of foods that seem like they did back on Earth.

Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. “Everything looks great! Either that, or I’m starving.”

Mikaela glanced over, “You’re starving,” and grinned crookedly.

Jon chuckled and picked out his choice. A ticket printed. Mikaela then made her selection and pulled the table tent number. “Still a little service around here. They will bring it to us.” She walked over to a table which faced out to the lunar surface.

Jon followed her and took a seat. “Do you get used to the lower gravity?”

Mikaela smiled, “Oh, sure. But going home is always interesting. Especially the longer you stay. I always get home and am over five foot six, but it rapidly disappears.”

Jon smiled as they exchanged conversations and glances. He noticed her hair had streaks of gray coming in and small laugh lines around her eyes.

“You’ll probably be six four or more when you get back,” Mikaela observed then chuckled.

Jon and Mikaela continued exchanging a few stories, then the lights in the atrium dimmed. Mikaela looks up with a sad look. “We’ll, that’s our cue. Time to head out for sleep.”

Jon looked at his watch and nodded his head. “I’ll walk you back?”

They made their way to the lift and she pressed the same floor as Jon’s. “Our quarters are all together.”

Jon’s knuckles lightly brushed against her hand as the lift came to a stop. Mikaela grinned, but then swiftly stepped off the lift. “I’m right down there,” pointing down the hall in the opposite direction. “Good night, Jon.”

Jon watched her as she turned and entered her room. He raised his hand, waved goodnight and headed for his own.

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