A grass covered field laid out before the explorers. No man had traveled here in ages. Eons had passed, and the technology had advanced.

Jon tossed up the drone which floated above the field. “Mikaela, come look!”

Mikaela stepped next to Jon. “What did you find, Riggs?” She peered over his arm at the display. Large rectangular patterns appeared in the grainy overlay. “It that…a town square?”

Riggs shook his head yes. “Looks like the old western towns from when the Americas were being settled by the Europeans.” He directed the drone to change position. “See that?”

Mikaela saw an elongated triangular shape on the screen. “That looks like a Church…oh, what’s it called…a steeple?” She questioned herself.

Jon began walking across the clearing toward the steeple. He turned back and waved at Mikaela to follow.

“There should be a graveyard near the church. We should find some remains near there,” Jon stated matter of factly. Jon steps quickened as he neared the spot.

Mikaela raced to keep up with him. His legs, longer than hers, gave him an advantage. When they finally arrived at the spot and stopped, she drew a sharp breath.

The drone floated overhead. Jon turned to Mikaela. “The markers were usually made of wood, but we might luck out if we can find some made of marble. Those will be engraved.

Skillfully, Jon guided the drone into the air, scanning the plot of land to the south of the church steeple. Rectangular patterns started to appear as the radar and X-ray scanned the ground. “I need to adjust the intensity. We may be able to see remains.”

The fuzzy images of what appeared to be skeletons started glowing in the display. “We’ve got something! Look, two skeletons entwined!” Jon looked at Mikaela. “Let’s start there.”

Jon made a beeline for the spot. Then he paused and looked back. He called out, “What are you doing, Mikaela?”

She looked at him confusedly. “Where are the graves? I don’t want to step on them.” It was a custom her family carried forward. “We shouldn’t walk over the bodies. Where’s the pattern?”

Jon thought it was silly but sweet. It wasn’t a custom he’d heard of. He looked over the diagram on his screen. “Okay, go left three steps. Now turn and walk directly to me.”

Mikaela took a ragged breath as she stepped over the vine covered graveyard. She finally caught up to Jon.

“Okay, follow me.” Jon guided her to a plot near a maple tree. He shivered and looked at Mikaela.

Mikaela approached and stepped beside Jon. This time, she shook to her core and looked at him. “Tell me we aren’t standing in a grave.”

He focused the drone overhead. “Step back a step and then one to the right. We were on the edge of the grave I wanted to check out.”

She stumbled through her next words. “The the story I have, have been told is that if you step, if you step on your own grave, a chill will go up your spine.” Mikaela wrapped her arms around herself looking for warmth.

Jon brought the drone down to sit on the ground next to him and arched his eyebrow. “Really, funny we both felt it. I think it was just a cool wind blowing through.” He smiled reassuring her.

They looked over the footage the drone took. Jon pointed out a small rectangular shape. “I think that’s the headstone. Do you have the excavator?”

Mikaela pulled a small barrel shaped rod and pushed a few buttons. The device floated over the ground. “Jon, you can take control.”

Jon guided the excavator to remove the layers of soil which buried the stone. Only a few inches covered the headstone. Soon, the gray and white veining of the marble became apparent.

Mikaela and Jon walked over and read the inscription. The date was not readable. They paused and stared at each other a moment. “That’s not possible…” Jon slowly spoke. “This slab is hundreds of years old.” He read the inscription again.


Jonathan & Mikaela

Devoted Partners

Their Love is Now Among the Stars

Mikaela froze, then she giggled and scoffed, “Wow…that’s uh, quite a trick there Riggs.”

“No trick. I,” Jon paused and shook his head, “I don’t understand.” he stared intently at Mikaela.

Her eyes locked with his. At least it wouldn’t be a bad way to go… Then Mikaela waived it off, “You know, Riggs could just have been a popular name in this area.”

Jon grinned in agreement, “Yeah, that’s it. Just a big coincidence!”

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