I’m comfortable enough to show you my weird.

I hope you never think less of me because I do.

It means I can be myself, and I trust you.

We all hide our crazy, our insane,

We can’t live life if everyone thinks we’re nuts.

At least my weird is just kind of annoying.

Probably even socially awkward and such.

I sing in the shower,

run around with my hair a mess,

Chubby around the middle,

But check out these breasts!

I tell dad jokes, although I’m a girl,

And giggle at cat pictures

and hug mine until they purr.

I have a dark side, which you’ve seen,

Walk around questioning everything,

And go through laziness to OCD swings,

But you can laugh at it from your end,

And hopefully smile too, knowing that,

I would accept your weird too.

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