Everyone Has Problems

First world problems, my dear,

First world problems.

Failed to port the number,

That order fell through.

Rocky internet connections,

And no t.v. to speak of too.

A refrigerator on the fritz,

Hundreds of dollars in food wasted

Including several hand trimmed filets

Carved from a beautiful beef tenderloin,

Plus shrimps and scallops, oh my.

Living like we’re camping,

Or vacation with all this eating out,

For a week at least,

Which I really don’t mind,

As long as I can work my 9 to 5.

Him on the other hand,

calling and calling, asking for help,

He misses his dear t.v.

But even he admits,

it’s not as bad as it could get….

First world problems, indeed.

I turned another year older…

What a great gift this week has been…

Jokes on me!

First world problems indeed.

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