Snowy Owl Lane – Hi-Jinx

Steve jumped out of bed and smiled to himself. Hi-jinx we’re at hand and he couldn’t wait to see their impact.

As he walked into the kitchen, the girls and Suzy sat, heads hung, and tired looking. He grinned to himself a bit…the girls could nap today after his hourly alarm prank overnight.

He looked at them, “Why the drowsy faces?” and stifled a snicker. They just looked up.

He walked over to Suzy and she looked up. Kissing her on the forehead, he wished her good morning. He saw leaves floating g in the tea and a sad quiver in her lip. Prank 2 success.

“Will you rinse out my cup and make me a new cup?” Suzy requested, holding it up for him to take.

Steve knew it was the least he could do. So he took the cup and headed to the sink. The girls looked up and their tired eyes turned to expectation.

Steve flipped on the water and the sprayer splashed him in the face and wet his shirt. Stunned a moment, he put his hands out to block the stream.

Behind him, the girls broke out in raucous laughter. Steve quickly moved into revenge mode, picking up the sprayer and aiming it at the three of them.

The girls squealed and ducked behind the table while Suzy laughed then bolted down the hall.

Steve shut off the water, then chased her down the hall. He tackled her onto he bed and a full on tickle fight ensued.

Between laughs, Suzy got out “April Fool’s!”

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