Good Morning Magic

Her eyes fluttered open, only to see him there, on his side, watching her sleep. She let her eyes drift back to closed, not wanting to break the magic he was casting over her. She knew that she was now his, and that he could choose to take it away just as he had given it to her.

She heard his breath as he looked her over. Her brown curled hair hung haphazardly against her cheek. The sheet softly wrapped around her midsection, while her tanned legs stuck out seeking the coolness of the room.

She felt his hand brush her cheek and move the stray curl away. His magic needed to see her whole face. Her heart fluttered as she wondered what he might be thinking as he watched his prize asleep on her side.

He didn’t want to wake her, so he withheld caressing her for a few more moments. She nuzzled into the pillow, looking peaceful. Whatever evilness she possessed from the night before had dissipated while she slept. All that remained was the angel he longed to hold close.

She could hear his breath, soft but wanting. His eyes intently staring at her, imploring her to finally wake from her slumber. His magic had been applied; she knew he was done by his breath. Finally, her eyes opened and looked up at his smile.

She paused, wanting this moment emblazoned into her soul where it would always remain. Finally, sleepily, her eyes locked with his. She smiled at him and whispered, “Good morning.”

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