Acushla Bound – Part Eleven

Vacation, Day 11 – Enjoy a re-post of a story I wrote while I enjoy a well-deserved vacation!

Mikaela curled up with the book as Rex climbed into her lap. She gave him a pet and started reading Kester’s writings. She became lost in his journeys through Somewhere and Nowhere, which had some similarities to hers but also stark differences.

He wrote of being Here and shared his story of how Pepper brought him almost everything he needed. Pepper was almost like a fairy godfather in horse form.

Pepper was even responsible for Dorian’s presence. ‘I recall the morning after I dreamt of riding a dark horse across a meadow that Pepper was hyper and broke out of the paddock. Later that evening, he and a dark stallion walked up and back into the field, enjoying some hay. Dorian never ran off, although it took a few times to get him used to a saddle. I don’t know how Pepper did it…can he read minds?’

Mikaela paused and looked out the window toward the barn. Kester was working with Dorian, who was in a playful mood, knocking over the bucket near by and prancing about.

She smiled and turned back to the book. ‘I dreamt of her last night. Macushla, that’s what I called her. Her eyes blazed into my soul, those dark eyes.’ Mikaela paused. Who was this mystery woman of his dreams? Could it be…no, probably not.

Kester’s story continued to wind and turn through growing his homestead, taking up writing, and finding his way Here. She came to another passage. ‘I saw her in my dreams again. She was sleeping under the willow where I came here originally.

Could he have willed her here? Mikaela dismissed it. They didn’t know each other outside of Here. I’m reading too much into this she thought to herself. She continued to read on.

I keep having dreams of her. I need to find some answers.’ Mikaela flipped another page, but nothing more was written on the next few pages. She flipped through the remaining pages and realized the back side of the book also contained writing in a separate smaller insert.

She wondered a moment if she should read it. Did Kester realize he gave it to her? However, she was looking for answers and he did give it to her.

‘When I dream of her, it is like I have known her my whole life. Her dark brown hair and eyes are so familiar now. I long to hold her in my arms and kiss her lips.

When I see her in my dreams, she’s a bit of a klutz, but I like that about her. It gives me a reason to hold her hand and catch her when she trips.

‘Last night, she was in my bed in my dream. Her sheer gown showed off her breasts in the firelight. I fought hard to control myself, although it is just a dream. Maybe I should just let myself go.

Mikaela paused, wondering if she should read on. She found herself already attracted to Kester, and her mind began to wander, wondering how it would feel to be with him in that way. Sleeping in his arms last night was comforting. But, she’d only known him a day.

She put the insert back into the book, then set the book back on the table. She donned her boots and layered two blouses and grabbed a blanket to head out to where Kester was. Rex followed on along.

She stepped up to a fence post and rested her chin on her arm, watching the horses and Kester in the field. The cold air had blushed up Kester’s cheeks. Mikaela found herself lost in watching them.

Kester looked up and saw her standing there. The wind was blowing Mikaela’s hair and her cheeks and nose were starting to turn red as well. He walked over to her.

She straightened up as he walked up. She smiled and tilted her head. Her eyes looked down then back up into his eyes. He wrapped his hand behind her neck as he went in for a sweet, long, tender kiss; a kiss that warmed both of them up from their toes.

Kester stepped back, jumped over the fence and pulled Mikaela toward the house. She paused only a moment, then thought, this is only a dream. She kept up with Kester as they entered the cottage.

Once inside, they quickly undressed each other and then paused. Mikaela was as nervous as a virgin. Kester stepped closer to her, taking her hand and kissing her as he walked her to the bed.

He was gentle with her, loving, and also strong. As they joined together they moved as one. Mikaela bit her lip from the pleasures Kester delivered time and time again.

Mikaela wrapped her legs around Kester, pulling him in closer. With this, he groaned in ecstasy. Her legs held him tightly against her as he collapsed onto her.

Together they rolled to one side, facing each other. “I didn’t expect..” Kester was stopped with Mikaela’s finger on his lips.

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