You know that kind of love, the one that sweeps you off your feet? It’s the underlying thread in every love song through the years.

It’s the kind of love that spurs the desire to dance in the rain and curl under the covers, cuddling and holding each other tight.

It’s a type of love dreamed about but rarely attained. Some people get it, and it stirs a longing when witnessed from near or afar.

It’s the love that others will try to destroy, just to prove it doesn’t exist; but still it persists. It makes it through against all the odds.

Everyone deserves this kind of love. I hope we find it one day; because hope and love go hand in hand. I want to be amazed.

poetry, writing

Heart in Hand

Sweet little hearts flutter about like butterflies,

in beautiful shades of blush, pink, and red.

They float across the sky, taking on different shapes,

A flower, a heart, a tree gracefully bowing in the wind.

One heart stands out among the rest,

beating wildly when he enters view.

It breaks free from the troop flying in the sky,

and swiftly makes its way to him

as he stands mesmerized.

It floats around, tickling his ear,

grazing his shoulder and neck,

and drifting in front of his chest,

before it finally lands on the tip of his nose.

He chuckles to himself as he lifts his hand to it,

the heart dances onto his finger and around his hand,

until it settles into his palm finally finding rest.

He smiles because he knows it is hers.