poetry, writing

Fragrant Path

Archway to archway,

moss covering the path.

Fragrant flowers line the walls

In gentle pastels on vibrant green.

Her fingers dance among the blooms,

Each touch releases aromas divine.

Sun streams through from above,

And butterflies dance in the light.

The path opens to a wide stream

And a gentle waterfall breaks the quiet.

He stands there by the water,

His back turned to hers.

She feels as if she is floating as she nears.

Is this just another dream? She fears.

He turns and reveals, it truly is his face.

She smiles and then, softly awakes.

poetry, writing

Lives Never Lived

Dreaming of lives never lived,

she wakes and wonders.

Could those lives had been her own?

As she returns to the real world, she ponders

lives full of adventure and travel,

lives with sophistication and grace,

one of a blue-eyed child, never to be her own,

and one with a love from long ago.

Were these just whims of fantasy and wishes

or glimpses into what could have been?