Morning Chill

Coldness seeped over her toes and soles as she stepped onto the paver lined drive. A crisp wind tousled her hair. The chirps of birds echoed from the large oak before her. They darted in and out between the branches, dancing in the first light of the day.

A calmness came over her as her bare feet guided her across the drive. From behind and overhead, she heard the flaps of oversized feathered wings. She turned, the sun now at her back, and lifted her chin to the heavens.

Gracefully, the large grey birds swooped down, landing in the grass just across the drive. She stood frozen as to not frighten them.

Their squawks reverberated between the houses as they courted each other with a show of feathers. Their red faces bobbed and long beaks chattered like two teenagers on their first date.

Eventually they calmed and started looking for their breakfast. Slowly they wandered off in search of greener grasses or maybe grubbier ones instead.

She smiled to herself. The cranes had her attention such that she hadn’t felt the cold settle in. Now that they were gone, her attention returned. She rubbed her arms for a little warmth and made her way back inside. What a beautiful way to start the day!